How IRCTC Passengers Can Check Their PNR Status On WhatsApp: Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide

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Checking the PNR status or passenger name record before a train voyage may be among the common practices in India. A Mumbai-based startup called ‘Railofy’ has developed an app that aims to give users a simple method to check their PNR status as well as other train-related data, such as cancellations, and live station alerts.

After buying a ticket, customers obtain a PNR, which is a unique number. The PNR contains details about the travelers and their travel plans and also whether a ticket is on a waiting list (WL), subjected to a reservation against cancellation (RAC), or confirmed. Customers can use the software to check IRCTC ticket operations, including PNR status, roughly 10 to 20 times before the scheduled departure.

How to Check Your PNR Status on WhatsApp: Step-By-Step Process

Passengers can obtain all the features on a WhatsApp number, including their real-time PNR status, constant updates, and live train operation status.

  1. To upgrade the WhatsApp application on your smartphone, go to the App Store for iPhone holders or the Play Store for Android holders.
  2. Just save the WhatsApp number +91-9881193322 for railway inquiries on your phone.
  3. The contact will be upgraded as well as added to WhatsApp’s list of contacts.
  4. Select the user from your WhatsApp phone contacts.
  5. Insert your 10-digit PNR information and send it after the Railofy train prompt WhatsApp number is accessible.
  6. You will receive all updates and genuine notifications on your train journey and Whatsapp messages from the app.
  7. There are several ways to check the status of a PNR, including by calling or sending a Text with the message Submit PNR to 139.

How to Order Food Online During IRCTC Journey: Step-By-Step Process

Additionally, IRCTC has created an application called Zoop for food delivery services. This will enable travelers to place their food orders before arriving at the next stop. The terminal to which they want their food served can be chosen by the traveler.

  1. Store the WhatsApp number +91 7042062070 for Zoop in your device’s contacts. Your WhatsApp will add the number. If not, you may do a single refresh.
  2. Pick the impending station and any station you would like to have your order delivered to by entering the 10-digit PNR number found on your ticket in the chat box.
  3. The Zoop chatbot will assist by providing a variety of recommendations from restaurants. You may now place a food order online and pay for it at your favorite restaurant.
  4. Additionally, the chatbot gives you the option to monitor your order directly from the conversation.

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