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Project management is a key factor to have when talking about the survivability of a business. For employees, it’s a need to master how to handle certain projects. Mastering project management will preserve valuable time and effort for your business.

Luckily, there are tools out there that can help project managers with their work. One of these tools is Microsoft Project. Since the launch of this software, it has helped a lot of project managers with their problems regarding project planning, analyzing, tracking, and execution.

You can use these kinds of software to help you manage your projects much more efficiently. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of implementing Microsoft Project for your business.

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What is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project

Compared to other project management tools, Microsoft Project is versatile to satisfy your needs.

Microsoft Project, also known as MSP, is a part of the Office Suite which focuses on project management. This software allows you to plan your projects with ease because of its full-plate service

This software features a multitude of functions specific for more efficient project management. It may seem too much to handle at first, but with a couple of MS Project training courses, you can use MSP to its full potential.

Here are the features that can help you with project management:


  • Grid View: Gives a project overview to manage projects like a list of tasks.
  • Board View: Gives a project overview to manage projects on a kanban board.
  • Timeline View: You can manage your projects based on their timelines, just like a Gantt Chart.
  • Progress Reporting and Roadmap: There are pre-built reports for your progress and resources for a project.
  • Timesheets: Manage payrolls and invoices efficiently with timesheets.
  • Collaboration: MSP allows collaboration between colleagues, even when working from home.

Reasons why you need Microsoft Project for your business

1. It’s a Microsoft product

Since the software is Microsoft-owned, it’s compatible with other Microsoft software, particularly Office 365 and Skype. This is one of the benefits of using MSP for your project management needs.

Also, it’s a familiar feeling if you use Microsoft Project since the interface is similar to other Microsoft products. This makes it easier to navigate.

2. Improves planning and scheduling of projects

Having a concrete plan is one of the most important parts of the whole project planning scheme. A well-thought plan will be the backbone of your whole project. That’s why it’s a necessity for your business to use project management tools.

With MSP, you won’t have to waste valuable time when managing your projects. Project planning and scheduling are automated making it faster and easier to manage. Microsoft Project also gives you an AI prediction of the timeline of the project. 

3. Proper allocation of workload

When it comes to projects, a balanced workload must be allocated to all of your resources. This resource management must be effective to keep your team healthy and in good shape. Good thing Microsoft Project allows you to balance out the allocation of output for each of your resources.

Microsoft Project has heatmaps that determine the amount of workload that your resources have. This avoids bottlenecks that can slow down your business processes.

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4. Collaborations

Since you have access to Office 365, you can collaborate on a lot of things when using Microsoft Project. You can also share files across different platforms and use these files to improve your project management.

There’s also a team dashboard to share information and statistics with your collaborators. This makes planning more organized, efficient, and stylish. It also helps in sharing information during meetings.

5. Helps handle multiple projects

Microsoft Project also has a feature that lets you handle multiple projects at the same time. It allows you to make a master plan for all your projects. This is beneficial, particularly to project managers and business owners.

6. Timely reporting

Any progress is progress. And everything should be reported timely. This allows you to monitor everything that’s happening at the moment. It also gives you an insight into whether your project will finish in time or not.

Fortunately, Microsoft Project is an expert in producing a quality report with ease. It allows you to customize your data according to your business findings. It’s easier to present your information to stakeholders during business meetings, thanks to Microsoft Project.

7. Project timeline view

With Microsoft Project, you can view all of your tasks in 2D. It shows you all of your tasks in a timeline view. This makes project management much more synced and visually presentable.

You can present the whole project in a timeline view for your stakeholders. This way, they can easily understand what’s happening on the project and see the progress clearly and easily. You can also change other visual elements to make your presentation more visually appealing.

8. Security features

Since it’s a Microsoft product, we can assume that the security protocol included in the software is efficient. And, true enough, Microsoft Project allows you to set up different security features. These are the security features included in Microsoft Project:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – allows you to authenticate your sign-in through a two-factor security process.
  • Single Sing-On (SSO) – you can benefit from the SSO capabilities of Azure since Microsoft Project is a part of the Microsoft 365 group.
  • Account permissions and restrictions – you can protect your assets by allowing permission to a couple of people you trust. You can also place restrictions to maintain the integrity of your project plans.

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Microsoft Project is such a unique project management tool. It’s such a simple tool to use but it offers a lot of features that you can use for your project management. This makes it a bit overwhelming to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to use it quite easily.

Once you’re familiar with the features and how to use them, it’s an ideal tool for project managers. It has so many tools that are made specifically for project management. Through MSP, you can streamline your projects and present them to your investors easily.

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