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How Online Exams Can Benefit Your School System?

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If you want to reduce the operational expenses of holding examinations to admit new students to your school, you could consider holding the examination and Online Exams Benefit for School System. Consider a scenario where you want students from all over the country to join your school. However, setting up separate examination centers in all parts of the country can be expensive and cumbersome. Nevertheless, you want to ensure that the maximum number of candidates can gain easy access and appear for the examination. You can easily circumvent the problem by holding the examination online. The primary purpose of an online examination system is to simplify holding and giving examinations. Moreover, by holding the examinations online, you can also reduce the operational expenses of holding examinations.

Some of the other reasons why you should consider holding examinations online and how it can benefit your school are as follows:

Technologically advanced and helpful for students

One of the primary features of an online examination system is that it is technologically advanced. When you organize an online examination, irrespective of whether it is objective or subjective, you will have to use the latest technology to ensure that the examination is completed without any glitches. For that, you will have to use the latest technology. The advantage of the latest technology is that these undergo numerous test trials and runs before they are released.

Hence, you can be assured that the examination set-up you select will not have any bugs, and your examinees can give the test without any issues. If you were to hold the test in a traditional examination center, you would require human intervention at all times. Using technologically advanced software, if any glitches were to arise during the examination, would get resolved automatically and without the requirement of any human intervention.

Moreover, as students themselves are getting used to technology, they are becoming comfortable with the mode of online examination. Hence, using a technologically advanced method of organizing examination would prove to be advantageous for students.

Reduced the requirement of supervision

If you were to evaluate online examination from the school management system’s perspective, you would find that the most significant advantage is that it reduces the requirement for supervision. Examinations need to be supervised to reduce the possibility of cheating and help out children if they were to face any problem during the test. However, with the online examination, you automatically reduce the requirement for supervision. Some of the methods by which online examinations can help reduce supervision are as follows:

  • Online examinations are strictly timed, and the paper is submitted once the time is over. Students don’t need to submit the paper separately.
  • Students cannot copy or cheat as they can give the test from their systems, which can be at their homes. It is often not necessary to travel to a location to give the examination. This reduces the need to hire an invigilator for a group of students.
  •  Additionally, you can shuffle the questions so that the chronologies of the questions are changed. This will reduce the chances of cheating even further.  
  • If a student faces any problem while taking the test, an issue can be raised, and the examination can also be rescheduled. If you were to hold the examination in the traditional format, you would have to hire an invigilator again, which would increase your operational cost. 
  • If required, you can also opt for remote surveillance and help out the student facing a problem with the examination. You can guide the student to manage the problem and continue with the examination remotely.

Thus, with online examinations, you can reduce the operational expenses and even help out the candidates remotely give the test without any glitches.

Beneficial for students

The advantages of online examination for students are that they do not have to wait for the results to be announced, and they are assured that their papers are scored in a completely transparent manner. As the papers are scored automatically, and without any human intervention, students are assured that it is entirely authentic. The marks they receive are not tampered with, often the complaint with the traditional format of giving examinations.

Moreover, when it comes to the traditional format of giving an examination and evaluating it, there is always room for human error. There are always chances that the person evaluating the answer script may have overlooked an answer or may not have evaluated it correctly. But when students tale a test online, it is evaluated by the system. As the system evaluates the answer script there is no room for human error. Thus, students feel more comfortable and satisfied with the results declared by an online examination.


Thus, the online examination can prove beneficial for both students and the school system, especially as it can significantly reduce your operational expenses. Moreover, if you opt for cloud school software, you can manage the examinations anytime and anywhere. To take a test online, all a student needs is a good Internet connection and a laptop.  You can even simplify the process by holding the test at a specific center, increasing the operational costs to a certain extent. However Online Exams Benefit for School System, it will still be less than the traditional form because you will not have to hire an invigilator and an evaluator to check the answer script. The system and the software will do both these activities.

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