The Real Deal: How RNGs Ensure Fairness in Online Card Games  

Unravel how Random Number Generators (RNGs) ensure fairness and unpredictability in online card games, maintaining integrity.

In online card games like in any other games or even sporting events the importance of fairness, transparency and level playing field is very important. To ensure that there are no malpractices and the online games like rummy game or online poker or other similar games the RNGs which is an acronym for Random Number Generators is employed.

However, what exactly is RNG and how does it ensure that online games remain a game for entertainment and any chance of manipulation is negated? Today we will delve into all these aspects and know why RNG is an important component in any online card game like rummy, poker or say ludo online.

What is RNG?

RNG as the name suggests is a sophisticated mathematical algorithm which is generated by a computer to create a sequence of numbers and symbols which is linked to the outcome of any card game like poker and rummy games. The purpose of RNG is to introduce an element of uncertainty and to give a level field and equal opportunity to every player.

The RNG process starts with a seed value which is the genesis of the sequence of numbers which uses an unending series of mathematical equations and connects it with different variables like time to produce a series of seemingly random results.

 However, one can ask how a computer can generate a sequence of random numbers when every algorithm is written, and it is followed by the computer to the last word. The answer is in the fact that the algorithm incorporates a variable which is never constant like the temperature of a city or rainfall and hence the randomness in the result is never compromised. Every result is unrelated to previous results thus making it impossible to predict and thus preserve the randomness.

History Of RNG

The history of RNG can be dated to antiquity and the die or dice can be designated as the first true RNG.  The first Die can be traced to 24 BC and gaming has been a part of human existence for centuries. However, with the evolution of time more complex forms of Dice and Dies evolved.

The first modern RNG or number generator was created by RAND Corporation with the dawn of the computing age when an acute need was felt to create a set of numbers in different experimental probability procedures.

The Team at the Rand Corporation created punched cards which were later published as a book using a pulse machine. It may look very crude today but was the first important tool in the study of statistics and probability.

The first true RNG was created in 1951 and was named the Ferranti Mark 1. It was the brainchild of Alan Turing who himself was a cryptologist and was working earlier with the Allied forces in WWII to crack codes.

Different Forms of Random Number Generation

RNG uses random numbers as its seed before generating a series of numbers. The seed number could be of two types. In the first variety it uses any physical phenomenon like static radio, voltage ups and downs, and thermal kinetics in electric current or even complex phenomena such as the radioactive decay of an isotope.

The second method is more complex, and it employs algorithms creating a string or random sequence of numbers and used as a seed to produce random numbers. However, if the seed number is known, it is theoretically possible to predict the random number. Therefore, pseudorandom number generation is combined with another random number generator to first decide upon the seed number before proceeding.

RNG And Its Importance in Rummy Games

RNGs are extensively employed in online games like popular Rummy game app where skills play a very big role and RNG ensures that the skills are adequately rewarded. RNG is employed in Rummy games while dealing with cards and making seating arrangements. RNG thus ensures that all players get an even field and negates any possibility of any fraud.

Independent Testing -Important Feature of Any RNG System

The integrity of any RNG can be ensured only when it is tested by an independent testing agency. Hence different online gaming platforms regularly charter independent testing agencies to vouch the effectiveness of their RNG algorithm. This will help the platform to gain confidence of the players who are reassured that they will be able to compete on a level playing field and there is no possibility of any fraud.

In the end it must be emphasized that any sporting event including events like online rummy must be played with a sportsman spirit and with complete transparency and fairness. All the players must have equal opportunities and a chance to win. 

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