How to Be Attractive to Women on an Online Dating Scene

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Communication on dating sites is actively gaining popularity in our time. This is noticeably easier than starting to communicate in reality. But, what to write about yourself on a dating site so that the profile attracts the attention of the opposite sex? If you are looking for a great dating site – check out

Men’s profile: rules and examples 

What should the profile of a young and respectable man look like? It is usually more difficult for guys to fill out a form on a dating site because it is not enough for them to simply present themselves as women do. What should a man write in a profile? How to correctly draw up a male profile in order to attract attention? 

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Rules for filling out a profile for a man 

A good profile should be created while taking into account a number of simple rules: 

  • For a woman, a man’s name is important, while it should not be too simple and hackneyed. Male names look attractive. For example, Jonny sounds too simple, but Johnathan can attract attention. 
  • It is important to tell the maximum truth about yourself. It is helpful to write about your hobbies, which will be unusual and interesting – for example, scuba diving. 
  • The “requirements in women” section should not contain information about what flaws annoy you in girls. If a girl falls in love, then she herself will begin to get rid of bad habits. 

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  • You should not indicate an image of a girl you want to find that is too specific. If you point out that you only like brunettes, then you may well miss out on the ideal blonde girl who, for the sake of her chosen one, could change her hair color. 
  • It is better to indicate real parameters about your appearance, otherwise, the first date will be unsuccessful since it will not meet expectations. 
  • When describing your job, it is worthwhile to express yourself in a modern way. The job of a policeman can be called a detective, and a driver can be called a freight forwarder. Girls appreciate modern professions. 
  • On the question of the financial situation, you can embellish a little. If it ain’t that great, you can indicate “financially secure”. Any girl, even not in need of money, wants to see a man nearby who can provide for her family. Therefore, if you indicate something like “able to make ends meet”, you can turn off a lot of girls. 
  • It is necessary to indicate the pure truth about marital status without details. 
  • You can talk about a car or apartment but without much fanaticism. Today it is no longer considered a special luxury. 

Examples of how to fill out the “about me” section for men 

  • “Specialist in IT technologies. I am looking for an interesting girl of any appearance. I love jogging in the evenings and sports, my weakness – delicious homemade food. ” 
  • “My life is full of interesting events. The only thing I miss is my beloved girl next to me. I want to share this rich life with her, so I decided to create a profile here. It is much easier to meet an interesting interlocutor on the Internet. ” 
  • “I don’t like sports – instead, I spend time investing in the future that I dream of sharing with you. By the way, to me, watching football, and visiting a gym are sacred. I can demonstrate my power and strength to you if you give me a chance. ” 


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