How to Begin your Journey in IT Successfully: 5-Step Process

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Many young professionals dream of a career in information technology. That is not surprising because this area has ​​the most advanced developments and innovations in our world. Data from the Statista website reports that in 2019 the global outsourcing market reached 92.5 billion US dollars.

However, many are stopped by the opinion that it is impossible to get into IT without education at a university. Today we can say for sure that this is not so. Thanks to the vast number of offline and online courses, you can learn IT technology even if you did not study at a university of technology and do not have any technical education.

If you don’t have any experience yet but want to join this cutting-edge industry, here we described a few steps that can help on your IT journey.

1. Find the IT industry that suits you best

Your pre-IT experience, whatever it may be, can be helpful to you. You can choose your IT area in which it will be easier for you to start. This step is crucial due to the fact that it aligned it with your interest. 

Knowing the relevant market can give you an edge in the resume application process, from cover letters to interviews. Make a list of all industries, directions, and hobbies you spend time with, especially those you enjoy.

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2. Obtain certificates

Providing the appropriate IT certification of course completion is the fastest way to land your dream job. You don’t need to spend 4-5 years to get a technical degree and invest a lot of money in your education.

When you have a certification in the IT industry, your employer understands that you have the necessary skills for the job. You will need to test your practical experience and soft skills.

Forbes writes that in IT, skills are currency. Very few topics people studied ten years ago are still in use. Technologies evolve quickly as well as get replaced quicker. Thus, you need to follow the tendencies and upgrade your skills and knowledge regularly in the IT field. 

3. Build your resume and portfolio

Submit your resume with a list of completed courses and your skills on social platforms such as Linkedin and HeadHunter. On the GitHub platform, you can post examples of your work: you could do them in courses or develop your programs. 

At the same time, create relevant resumes: if you want to provide UI/UX design services, then show relevant examples of website design work and development.

4. Find an internship or get free work experience

Experience helps you find a job faster. Employers love it when you have already faced a solution to a problem in a chosen area and can tell you something about it. And of course, most employers prefer to hire someone who already has experience in a similar position.

One way to get a job in high tech is through an internship. It may even be free at first, but the experience will be much more valuable in the future. You can reach out to the IT staff augmentation services for guidance on getting your first IT experience.

6. Prepare for your interview

You need to understand that, most likely, you will have a multi-stage interview: you will talk to a recruiter, a technical specialist, a project manager, and possibly a team.

You need to demonstrate that you are a team player with the appropriate skills and aspirations at every stage. It will be good if someone from the IT field can do a mock interview for you to practice.

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In the IT world, more and more specialists are required, so today, IT companies are considering candidates for vacancies that have not even graduated from a university. Therefore, if you want to get a job in the IT field, this is your chance! Follow the advice in this article and believe in luck!

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