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How to Choose the best 7 inch touchscreen monitor



7 inch touchscreen monitor

As a responsible manufacturer, it is important to keep updating your products accordingly to market requirements. we understand this importance. So, this time we bring you a new improved version of the 7 inch touchscreen monitor.

This 7 inch touchscreen monitor will provide you with an attractive solution to your touchscreen problems. touch screen monitor is a compact body with a touchscreen monitor. This touchscreen monitor provides you complete touchscreen solution for a single machine. It has got a keypad also which makes it very easy for all types of data entry needs like data collection, the input of numbers, name, etc.

  • Developed with the latest technology it delivers better performance.  
  • It’s much slim now and lighter in weight.
  • Now touchscreen monitor has a touchscreen pen with it.
  • A touchscreen pen helps you to draw any writing on a touchscreen display. You can circle or highlight an item by just touching the screen with a touchscreen pen tip.
  • It works on a touchscreen operating system.
  • With a touchscreen monitor, you can do touchscreen typing and touchscreen clicking.
  • You can use a touchscreen monitor for presentations as it supports all presentation software that runs on Windows PC like PowerPoint, open office, etc.    
  • Below the touchscreen display, we have added 4 physical buttons for navigation and selection purposes.
  • You can directly plug the touchscreen monitor into your laptop or desktop system USB port and start using the touchscreen monitor right away.
  • HDMI cable is also included in this bundle so that you can connect the touchscreen of your choice to a larger screen for a better viewing experience.

Features of 7 inch touchscreen monitor

1. Size

2. Resolution


3. Operating system

4. Processor

5. Battery life


6. Connectivity

7. Price


7 inch touchscreen monitor is a slim and lightweight IP65 touchscreen monitor you can carry with you easily anywhere you go.



The touchscreen monitor has got a 10 finger multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display. It supports a maximum resolution of 1280 * 800 pixels and a touchscreen display.

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Operating system

the touchscreen monitor is now ready to use with all sorts of touchscreen applications. It supports all touchscreen typing and touchscreen clicking software. The touchscreen monitor has a built-in micro-sd card slot for storing any sort of data or files. You can directly play content from a MicroSD card.



touchscreen monitor has got a 400 MHz touchscreen processor, with this touchscreen monitor you can enjoy fast touchscreen performance.

Battery life

With a touchscreen monitor, you no need to charge your device daily as it is a touchscreen monitor with a long battery backup. Now touchscreen of your choice will work week after week without charging.


connect touchscreen monitor easily to any other touch screen device like TV screens, projectors using the touchscreen HDMI port. It supports touchscreen display and you can directly plug into your laptop or desktop system USB



you can buy 7 inches, touchscreen monitor, at a very competitive price tag with all these features in it.

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The 7 inch touchscreen monitor is the perfect size for your desk or office. It’s big enough to still see everything but small enough that it doesn’t take up too much space on your table. This touch screen display integrates with Windows 10 and is compatible with all of your favorite applications like Netflix, Skype, iTunes…the list goes on! If you’re in the market for a new computer monitor then this one should be at the top of your list. Check out our selection today and find out why so many people are choosing these monitors over any other option!