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How to Create an End-to-End SEO Strategy for Your Business

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You’re writing content for your company’s new website. You also have SEO duties to perform. That sounds awesome. Every day, you dread the project more. You don’t have years of SEO experience and you aren’t an SEO expert. Panic inundates your being.

Regardless of your SEO campaign, you can easily master SEO no matter what your experience level is. It is common sense and no matter what a certain SEO expert or company has done, it is simply a matter of good sense. SEO is a science, and it changes often as search engines like Google update their algorithms. This is why we ought to continually rely on the expertise of SEO professionals.

To drive traffic to your website organically, you do not need to master all aspects of SEO. Here are seven simple ways to optimize your site for organic search engine visibility.

1. Knowledge is Power

It is essential to know your target market’s keywords they are using to find solutions to the problems while at home, so that you can hone your efforts accordingly. To do this, you have to put yourself in your client’s shoes and conduct a little research. What would you search for in your search engine to find solutions to your problem? The customer might be concerned about the health of his dog if he consumes dog foods made with organic ingredients. Maybe he has food allergies and he is concerned about the amount of chemicals and by-products he encounters in most dog foods.

2. A high-quality piece of content comes naturally

It is essential to discover how to engage your target audience by offering content that is worthwhile and unique. Consumers value your valuable content because it provides insights, answers their questions, and teaches them how to become more efficient and effective. You must make sure you naturally incorporate relevant keywords into the great content you are creating. Among other things, it is not a good idea to stuff your page’s alt description with keywords. It may hurt your ranking. If your site gets caught and their bots are super smart, they can penalize you with lowered rankings or even permanently have your site blocked. Don’t waste your time with the same message over-and-over. No one wants to read statements like this: “Looking for organic dog food? If that’s the case, check out this website.”

3. Your website URLs should contain keywords

Make sure to take care of your page URLs so as to optimize your search engine ranking. When you do your keyword research, you’ll be able to leverage these URLs to increase your search engine ranking. Solar financing pages can be indexed by the product URL. If you just don’t want to use “solar leasing,” you should try to use “solar financing.”

The Google AdWords Keyword Planner is one of the free ways you can check your search ranking. You can view search volume history for your keywords by entering the keywords into our tool. You can compare different keywords to see how interest changes over time. The Google Trends website is another way to see how interest changes with time.

4. It is important to pay attention to titles.

Make sure your web pages’ titles are engaging and interesting. Make sure they get your target market’s attention. When people know what to expect, they tend to read the fine text below. I think answering the question “Why should I visit this page?” will help me decide what to highlight. Make your titles more captivating by making them short and memorable (a little alliteration can help). You always need to make sure your keywords actually appear in the headline (the H1) as well as the subhead (the H2). For example, if you are writing about solar finance, you could have an H1 keyword such as “Solar Financing Made Easy.”

5. Additional Keyword Placement on Every Page

Your content should be of value to your target market, and your headlines should entice them to read further. Here are some actionable steps that you can take to improve your copy. Any sentence in a review may be substituted for a keyword. Can a sentence be done in a different order? A marketing automation page may say “Identify the best customers and convert more” but instead say “Marketing automation connects you with analytics to help you identify the best customers and convert more”. Possibly you will want to think about sharing your information with friends and family. It’s better to use a word in a keyword phrase than just a keyword. For instance, if automatic is a keyword, then the keyword phrase becomes “marketing automation.” Take several review passes. It is possible you may miss a great opportunity the first time around.

6. Providing the best possible user experience

The importance of good customer service in high SEO rankings goes beyond website content. “Users expect quality experiences across platforms and devices, and Google is emphasizing sites that deliver these quality experiences”, states Robert Berris in his blog Three UX Principles that Help Your Website Do Its Job Right. Even though search engine optimization traditionally means ranking factors, it’s increasingly about user optimization.”  Work with your web developer to develop a site that’s easy to use and makes sure that every link works and leads visitors to the right place.

7. A professional can help you.

However, in order to ensure your site is truly optimized, you should consider hiring a SEO expert if you can afford to do so. As I had mentioned, basic SEO is generally common sense. Consulting firms or programs that offer SEO services can help you determine how your site performs against the keywords that matter most to you, and prioritize specific actions that must be taken to change the way it is performing.

You don’t need to be a master SEO to ensure your website has organic traffic. Just follow these and other tips.

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