How to Design Dirt Bike Graphics?

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All of you, dirt bike owners, have designs on your mind you wish you could have applied. Sometimes you want to replace the regular display stickers with your personalized dirtbike graphics.

You can get yourself a customs dirtbike graphics kit to change the look of your bike. While some of you might like to DIY, some would preferably depend on experts. So, here’s a chance for you to create your dirt bike graphics. 

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Instruction to design dirt bike graphics

There is a set of instructions that to follow to get your design. Check out the following points:

• Firstly, get yourself a graphics kit template

• Search for the specific template by typing out your number or bike model

• Look out for the designs first, and then come up with a plan to install

• To create your own, start with removing the decals by either removing the plastic or heating

• Use a sheet to remove the decals and keep them aside

• Apply tracing paper to the area where you want to decorate

• Create an outline of what you want to draw. An inset edge of 1/8th minimum must be created

• Scan the tracings with an image scanner; it should be appropriately scanned so that the size and design come out correctly.

• You will require vector design software to receive a digital version

• To create the dirtbike graphic, make excellent designs of your choice

• Select an attractive color or symbol you would like to have on your bike if you don’t want it to be complicated

• You must have a perspective regarding how the design will look after it is printed and applied to your bike

• Apply rules and restrictions regarding certain aspects such as fonts and colors

• Once you have finished your design, get it printed

• Understand the applicability and thickness of the vinyl while applying it.

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Tips for installing dirt bike graphics

There are a set of extra tips and warnings that you are required to follow:

• Keep your bike plastics at a place that has a neutral temperature. Notice that the dirtbike does not have elements of oil, grease, and sediments. It can ruin the newly applied design.

• Do not apply cold new stickers on a hot surface. The final applied graphic can look distorted. 

• Try not to force out the air bubbles since it can bring about cracks in the design. It is ideal if you apply the float method or attach the design on a dry portion.

• You can create minor fits to the design to be correctly applied to the bike. 

• Do notice whether the trims lines are applied appropriately on the bike.

• Keep the designs also in a neutral space. Exposure to both high and low temperatures can ruin the textures.

• After applying the sticker, check whether it is properly attached. Try to peel it off, and if it comes out, use some adhesive. 

• While cleaning your dirt bike, don’t use chemicals such as soap or water sprays since they can ruin the graphics.

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If you follow all of these rules and regulations, you can call yourself a dirt bike graphic designer for sure. However, if you are unsure of your designing skills, you can always hire experts from Decallab for the same service. 

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