How to Design Your Own Space to Work From Home

The most extraordinary grace tied to working at home is the ability to wake up in the morning, get a cup of coffee, and get things done without even changing clothes.

However, if you are going to work from home, you will need a proper place to shift into your work mode, or your career may suffer as a consequence.

A proper workspace has been noticed to improve motivation and discipline, both essential qualities for those that work from home.

With this in mind, we have compiled this article to teach you how to build a killer home office to give you this extremely productive state of mind. Read more to find out our work from home ideas on how to design your perfect workspace!

Mind Your Cables

Picture the following: You are working on this extremely important project, it’s the last day before the deadline, so you are rushing to get it done.

As your legs tire from their current position, you move your feet, kicking the power cable without saving, thus deleting a full day’s work.

This is why cable management is the very first item in this article. Modern work requires a series of technological gadgets, which in turn require electricity to function, which demands organized cables that won’t stay in the way or cause a mess.

There is also the risk of shortcuts frying your equipment, or even causing fires, so it’s essential to ensure that the cables from all devices are organized for safety’s sake. So, among the first things in your “work from home kit” should be some cable organizers. They are very affordable and a great solution to keep everything in place and prevent any unwanted accidents.

Invest in a Good Work From Home Desk

Choosing the best desk to work from home involves taking a good look at your workspace and making a series of suitable choices.

How much space am I going to need? Should I sacrifice some leg space for some integrated storage pillars? Are there entrances for all my cables? These are the questions you are going to have to ask when making your choice. You are also going to need a trustworthy supplier, but you can always find the best products for home on

Your Chair is Essential

The chair from which you work holds greater importance than you may realize, and is a key component of your work from home office setup. It is the place you will stay for the longest time, which means it will be comfortable while allowing you to sit up straight.

Not only will this avoid short term discomfort and back pains, but a good chair also preserves your posture, making sure you don’t develop more severe problems.

There is also a connection between comfort and productivity, which must be considered, as a comfortable chair means you won’t feel the urge to get up as much.

Storage Is Your Friend

To work from home, you will need to focus for long hours without getting easily distracted, which is severely harder to do in a messy room.

So, to ensure that you will not have to interrupt your workflow every time, you should consider getting some storage to leave your pens, documents, books, or extra equipment.

Proper storage also helps your productivity, as by keeping your things in different containers, you will spend significantly less time trying to find what you need. This is one of those work from home tips you should really take into account to keep yourself productive and relatively stress-free!

Get a Notice Board

One of the biggest challenges you will face when working from home is keeping track of your objectives, chores, and other appointments. In this challenge, you will have no greater ally than a notice board that allows you to update your memory at a single glance.

Be sure to put it in a position where you can immediately see it, either above your computer or directly facing your workspace entrance, anywhere it can dominate your attention.

Proper Lighting

When picking out a place to set up your work from home station, be sure to choose a position where you have an adequate supply of natural light, preferably hitting you directly.

If you are the type of home professional that works with natural materials, make sure this stream of sunlight is as direct as possible.

Now, if you are working from a computer, try finding an angle where you are hit by the sunlight while avoiding that annoying screen glare.

It’s also a great idea to get a dedicated desk lamp to directly cast light where you need it or even simply set the ambiance for a more relaxed work section. Lighting fixtures fall under the “work from home equipment” category, so make sure you get some good ones!

Dealing With a Lack of Space

Now, you may not always have the ideal conditions to work from home, but that doesn’t mean you should scrap the whole idea at once.

When we don’t have the ideal conditions, it occurs upon us to make ourselves, which should only take imagination and clever work from home design.

Try finding any nook or cranny that is at least one square meter and decorating with at least a table, chair, and some storage. Shelves are also useful as they allow you to go vertical and make full use of every inch.

Some Much-Needed Privacy

Working from home demands concentration, peace, and privacy, which may be a rare resource if you live with other adults or even children.

So, if you don’t have access to the good old closed office door, try things like shelves, tall pot plants, or even a folding screen that doesn’t block too much light.

As for the noise, which may quickly become an inconvenience, noise-canceling headphones are a perfect response or even consider working with some ambient music.


Many blessings and challenges come with the choice to work from home, and it’s often easy to mistake one for the other.

The greatest example of this paradox is that your work from home will be what you make of it for better or worse, yet in that lies the greatest blessing from this lifestyle.

This blessing is that you get to work on your own terms and make your occupation more in tune with who you are, which is physically manifested in your home office.

With this in mind, it’s our time to ask you what your work from home station says about you? What is your favorite part? What advice would you give to someone seeking to make their own for the first time?

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