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Your dog is part of your family, and as such, they deserve to be covered with an insurance policy in case an accident or illness happens. Animal Medicine Australia estimates that 62% of all households have a pet. That is a lot of furry companions. Whether you have a pet, or you know someone that does, protection from accidents and illnesses should be a top priority.

Petsure claims that out of those households only 7% of the fur babies are insured. Year after year pets are put to sleep because their owners were unable to afford medical treatments for them. An insurance policy will decrease that option to being the last option, as it should be. Putting your fur baby to death because of cost is not an option that anyone should be able to make.

Finding a good policy that fits your needs, and doesn’t break the bank, can be a little tricky. The first step that you need to do is check around with numerous companies. Compare the premium prices, the coverage, the deductibles, and any exclusions that the agent may want to add to the policy. As with all insurance, the cheapest policy may not be the best policy. It is important to get specific coverage that works for your dog. You wouldn’t skimp on your health insurance, would you? Your dog should be no different.

No matter what age your dog is, or what type, do not put off getting protection for them. Dogs have accidents and get sick. Remember when getting pet insurance for dogs to analyze the animal and how it lives. If your pet likes to run outdoors and prefers to be outside, you will need a higher coverage amount because they are more likely to have an accident than a dog that likes to be carried around and prefers to curl up next to the heater when sleeping.

 Always check for discounts that you may qualify for. Many agents will not offer them unless you specifically ask. That is why it is important to do your research before getting a policy. Each company will offer different coverage amounts, as well as different discounts and premiums.

The waiting period that the company is writing into the policy should also be a deciding factor when you are looking for dog insurance. Most policies will have some kind of time period that the coverage will not start until, 30 to 60 days is average. If a company wants you to wait for longer than that before you can use the policy, you may want to move on to the next option.

Making sure that your dog is cared for, and that when needed they can get treatment from a vet, is part of being a responsible owner. Too many dogs lose their lives because of the cost of care when an accident or illness happens. The small premium that you need to pay for the coverage is well worth the life of your fur baby.

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