How to Find Your Wife or Girlfriend the Perfect Jewelry?

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There’s one thing that can make any sane, red-blooded man break into a sweat: walking into the jewelry store in an attempt to find their wife, girlfriend, or significant other the perfect piece of jewelry for a gift. Whether it’s her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or “Just Because,” jewelry is a traditional gift that’s sure to please. However, it can be daunting to find the right piece, especially if you don’t know very much. Don’t panic, though: here’s the ultimate guide to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for that special woman in your life. 

Quick Tips for Buying Jewelry

1. Watch Her Style

It can be too easy to get lost in the sheer number of options available. Try to watch her when she goes shopping and pays attention to what she likes. For instance, if during a trip to the mall or another jewelry store, she sees a nice pair of earrings, remember that specific pair. Look for when her eyes start to sparkle, and she seems excited—it’s essential to notice these small details and take note of them. Look at her body language and pay attention to what she says. Then, head back there later without her and buy it for her.

Or, pay attention to comments she makes about “I prefer white gold to traditional yellow” or “I prefer colored pearls.” If your girl’s more on the practical side, look for something she can wear every day. If she’s a little fancy, find something on the blingier side. That’s why it’s crucial to know everything about her when finding the perfect piece of jewelry for a gift.

2. It’s Not (Always) About What You Spend

While some women love a big spender, most don’t care. They want something they can wear daily, not something flashy or blingy they can only put on for special occasions. It makes the gift that much more special. Instead of looking for the highest-priced item, look for something wholly unique and intricate. Don’t automatically assume that something ostentatious and bougie will be the best choice just because it’s flashy. If that’s her style, spend away. However, many women appreciate something small or nice that they can wear every single day as a symbol of your love.

3. Choose Quality

There’s one rule with buying jewelry: choose quality. No woman wants a gift from her man that leaves those ugly green stains on her neck, fingers, or wrist. For those who don’t have the budget for pure gold, look for gold vermeil that offers an affordable alternative. Many women just want something unique that they can wear every day. However, there is a considerable difference between costume jewelry and high-quality jewelry. It’s always worth it to spend a little bit extra for something that’s going to last the test of time, just like your relationship.

4. Take a Peek into Her Jewelry Box

When you have a free minute, take a quick look into her jewelry box. Does she prefer silver or gold? Are there more colored gemstones or diamonds? Maybe she doesn’t like gemstones at all and prefers pearls. Are her earrings mostly hoops, or does she wear posts? It’s essential to pay attention to her personal style. Look for upgraded pieces that could become her new “essential” everyday jewelry. The more thought you put into it, the more she’ll love it. This ties into the next part of the guide, which is finding the right type of jewelry.

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5. Find Out If She’s Allergic to Some Metals

Some women are allergic to certain metals and can only wear gold and silver jewelry. For instance, nickel is a standard metal in many earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. However, women who are allergic can break out in hives, get a rash, or have a bad reaction. If this is the case, the only suitable options are something gold or silver. Remember, it’s always safe to get gold vermeil for those with a smaller budget. Just make sure that the gift you’re giving isn’t going to send her to the E.R.

Some Cool Gift Ideas for That Special Woman


When buying a necklace for your significant other, it’s important to remember that less is more. While a girl always needs to have a few bold statement necklaces in her repertoire, those usually aren’t ideal for daily wear. One of the best new trends for this year is simple, delicate chains worn in layers. Look for ones that are increasingly longer, and start with three or four. Remember, this layered style only works when the chains are very simple and plain. While it would be okay for one to have a pendant or stone, keep it at just one.

For something extra special, try spending a little bit extra and get her the ultimate failsafe: diamonds. There’s a reason the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” That’s the one jewelry gift that every woman will love, hands down. However, not everybody has the budget for diamonds. So, as long as you put in the thought and effort, she’s sure to love it.


Finding the right pair of earrings isn’t always an easy task. There are virtually endless styles and designs. However, one of the best trends right now is ear cuffs and ear climbers. Essentially, an ear cuff is a small earring, usually single, that comes in different styles suitable for pierced or non-pierced ears. Typically, it’s worn on the cartilage or upper part of the ear and comes as a small hoop, a cuff, or even a hoop with a dangling charm.

Ear crawlers are earrings that come with a bobby-pin-like shape and are threaded through the ear and worn horizontally across the length of the earlobe. They come in many different styles: a plain metal bar, a row of gemstones, metal charms and shapes, or any other type of design that fits along the length of the ear. They’re really trendy right now, so look for elevated pieces that maybe have opal or mother of pearl accents.


If your wife or significant other loves rings, you’ll definitely want to look at a few before finding the right one. Whether you’re looking for a promise ring, an everyday ring, or something blingy for special occasions, it’s crucial to do some thinking first before you give her a gift she might not like. For instance, if your significant other does a lot of gardening, she may not want to wear large rings. In fact, remember that any large ring will potentially catch on clothing or objects during daily wear. Be sure to get her exact size and find the right ring that will sit flush against her finger so it doesn’t stick out too much.

Just like layering necklaces, stackable rings are another cool trend for this summer. Remember, layered necklaces need to be simple chains, and the same goes for stackable rings. Look for rings that are narrow enough to stack on a single finger. That doesn’t mean the bands have to be plain, though. Look for ones with textures, designs, or patterns engraved onto them, and choose one that’s similar but does have an accent, like a gemstone or a pearl.


If you’d like to get the wife, girlfriend, or significant other a bracelet, one of the best new trends for this year is hammered metal cuffs. They can come in any color: antiqued silver or sterling, brass or bronze, white gold or yellow gold; the options are endless. Try to find one that’s crafted by an artisan. The special technique they use to hammer the metal means that no two pieces are exactly alike—just like your significant other, it’s special, unique, and one-of-a-kind.

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Two More Quick Tips for Buying Jewelry:

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Match: Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and buy the matching set if there is one. There’s nothing better than having jewelry that matches and goes together, elevating the look and making it sophisticated. Or, try to look for something that maybe matches a piece of jewelry you’ve gifted previously—it shows that you remember and genuinely cares about her.
  1. Buy What She Loves: A critical aspect of buying jewelry for women is that many men tend to go for something that they like. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best method. Just because you want to see the piece of jewelry on here doesn’t mean that she’s going to like it. However, it’s impossible to do that unless you know her incredibly well. It requires an intricate understanding of her personality and character. The most important part? Listen, listen, listen! Don’t be tricked into buying a piece that shows off your spending power instead of a piece that would truly show off how beautiful your wife or girlfriend really is.

Final Thoughts on Buying Jewelry for Your Wife or Girlfriend

Buying jewelry is no easy task. However, it doesn’t have to be something scary. To begin, get to know your wife or girlfriend’s personal tastes when it comes to jewelry. Take a look in her jewelry box and use that as a starting point to find something similar yet elevated. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, not the money. But on that same note, it’s essential to find quality pieces instead of costume jewelry. With these tips and some great gift ideas, you’ll have no problem finding something rare, unique, and special, just like her.

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