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How to Hire the Right Candidate for your Business?

Hiring is an easy task! No, don’t grind your teeth. The first statement only represents the general perception, not reality. Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. You have been pinched if you are a recruiting professional or have somehow experienced the bumpy ride. Studies suggest that the average cost per hire roughly revolves around $4000 for a company having more or less 500 employees. The fact is good enough to realize the seriousness and the importance of hiring. Hence, the cost of an error is too high, and the margin to mistake too low.

The reason why many people fail is applying the same methodology of hiring in every business model. No two industries work in the same style, so why follow the same process in Recruitment? Different businesses require different techniques to find the perfect fit for their business. Below, we’re going to share some industries with you along with their hiring processes.

Finance Industry

Finance is an evergreen field. As your business grows, you always tend to require financial expertise for financial management. Trusting a wrong fit and handling him/her, the charge can cost you millions. Therefore, you have to be super conscious in the hunt. The cherry on top, the ever-disrupting tech revolution in the Industry, intensifies the challenge as you need to hire tech-savvy people with a strong grip on basic things and unwavering enthusiasm to contribute to the journey towards growth. To summarize, here are a few takeaways for you;

  • Look for the skills before anything else
  • Find the eagerness to adapt to the Tech Disruption
  • See if the personality is trustworthy
  • Confirm the compatible values 

Life Sciences Industry

The challenge is getting tougher here. The exciting factor is that not many people are aware of the Industry and its whereabouts. Well, to name a few, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, life systems tech, biomedical tech, and many fall under the broad umbrella. Complication level is a bit too higher if you see, so to start with, the analytical role of the one going through the resumes is very significant. Furthermore, the Interviewer also needs to have some behavioral psychology skills to confirm whether the candidate matches the skillset. Life Sciences Consulting experts need to keep the following steps in mind to ace the Recruitment;

  • The Interviewer should have a good knowhow of Behavioral Psychology
  • Match of the Skillset is a must
  • Academic Qualification has to be in the pre-requisites
  • A Winning mindset is a requirement

Marketing Industry

Imagine the smartness needed to hire a professional to ace in the world of Marketing, when Recruitment itself needs to be perfectly marketed to magnify competing applications. Yes, you read it right, companies these days are re-evaluating and improving their marketing strategies for Recruitment. Anyhow, if you want to pick the right person correctly, we recommend creativity to be tested before anything else. Once you understand your requirements, then you can start questioning current trends in Marketing and Advertising. Moreover, scenario-based questions would be a good tool to confirm if the person has the smartness to execute bookish concepts in the real world. Below is a brief list of the actionable requirements;

  • Creativity can’t be compromised
  • Arrange situation-based questions to recognize the marketing mind
  • Inquire for the in-fashion marketing trends to verify the Interest
  • Sympathy and empathy for customers are a big plus

IT Industry

Credit for the Tech Revolution happening these days certainly goes to the IT Industry. The growth brings with it the requirement to hire more and more people. The new joining has to smartly and adequately work with fast pacing performance of the Industry. Thus, dedication, a hardworking spirit, innovativeness, and the openness to working out of comfort are significant values to be found before finalizing the candidate. In addition, experience also matters if you want a person for tougher functions and responsibilities. Biotech, nanotech, and other tech fields also require people with a decent knowledge of Life Sciences Consulting. Let’s shed light on the critical points to value;

  • Prefer the aggressive hunger to ace technological revolution
  • Prior knowledge and experience of the field to be prioritized
  • Technical, logical and rational mindset always wins in the Industry
  • You can compromise hardworking for smart working

If you’re an HR professional, you have added another certificate in your belt for your Talent and Acquisition Career ahead of you by reading this blog post. If not, you now realize the struggle the recruiting task asks for. 

Manvendra Chaudhary

Manvendra Chaudhary, with over 5 years of professional experience as CEO of Unique News and Megalent Marketing, shares insights on life, business, and health for your success.

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