How to make friends while studying online?

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If you are one of those university students who have moved to online platforms to continue your studies, we know this involves networking differently.  The most common question would be, how to make friends online, how can I make friends from university?

Here we have some secrets for you to know how to make online friends from university. They are simple ways to give you confidence and help you live the college experience to the fullest.

So how do you make friends while studying online? 

  1. Learn how to introduce yourself during your online classes.

One of the main college exercises in the first few classes is to introduce yourself. This is an excellent time for your classmates to get to know you and a key to understanding how to make friends online.

When the time comes, talk about yourself naturally and genuinely. Keep an open attitude to build trust with your classmates. During university, you can not only make friends online but also generate networking that will boost your career.

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  1. Participate and get involved in virtual activities and events at university.

Lose your fear of participating in class. Making friends online is easy if you build confidence. By participating, your classmates will know that you are approachable, and you will show that you are proactive in every activity.

This will contribute to other classmates at the university wanting to chat with you, form study groups, or become online friends. This can also be beneficial for your grades, as there is more possibility of getting a positive answer while asking about sharing their notes or simply “Do you know anyone who could write an essay for me while I am doing an extra shift at work?”. Remember that these events and activities are a great time to network, and participation in them also contributes to your future professional growth.

  1. Take the initiative to reach out to your online university peers.

With the new online mode, it is widespread to join class chat groups or exchange contacts for teamwork. Take advantage of these contacts and take the initiative to write to your classmates.

One of the first steps to making friends online and at university is being brave and talking to those you trust the most. Remember that there is someone in the same situation as you on the other side of the screen.

Think of possible friendly topics of conversation about the university, and you will gradually find the conversation flowing with some people. Knowing how to make friends online at university is not something we are used to, but it’s time to take advantage of technology.

  1. Talk to and be interested in the likes and dislikes of your fellow students at university.

To make friends online, you need to generate conversations of value, not just by telling a little more about yourself but by taking an interest in other people. When generating conversations with your peers, pay attention to details and their stories.

It will never be the same to start a new conversation with, “Hi, how are you?” as it will be to start a conversation with reference to something you were told in a previous meeting. For example: if your partner commented that they couldn’t meet on a schedule because they had to take their dog to the vet, you could start the conversation by saying, “Hi, how are you? How did your vet visit go? Is your dog doing fine?”

Your partner and a potential friend will know that you are interested in their concerns and their life beyond work. The key to being a true online friend is to be supportive and genuinely bond with others despite the distance.

  1. Identify and share your likes and dislikes to make friends online.

Just as you should be interested in others, it is also essential that you find those commonalities. Making friends online at university doesn’t happen overnight, but it does work to find things you and others like.

Sharing your likes and dislikes will motivate and generate more conversation. It can also be the first step to get out of the classroom and share in other online moments or activities you enjoy with a friend.

  1. Create online study groups or teams at the university.

If you’re shy and don’t yet feel like talking directly to someone, you can start by creating study groups.

Of course, the main topic of discussion there will be your online college classes, but it can also lead to other conversations that will generate quality friendships. At first, you will share academic materials and activities, but as you build trust, you will be able to socialize, maybe even share memes, and eventually create online friendships.

  1. Share empathy and a positive attitude

Have you ever found that there are people whose company you mutually enjoy the most? That’s because of empathy and a positive attitude. One of the most important secrets to knowing how to make friends online is the way you encourage others.

Even if you are at a distance, it is always good to be supportive and face every challenge with a positive attitude. When we help each other, we form genuine and strong connections that may have various benefits in the future.

Now that you have some tips and advice on making friends online at university, you should also be aware of the benefits of making friends virtually.

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Benefits of making friends at the university

As you know, the relationships you build with the people you share during your college career make you stronger with every challenge you overcome along the way. These relationships and now the friends you make online add so much to your life.

The main benefits of friendships in university or college include the following:

  • They are friendships that will last the rest of your life, as you meet people with a broader spectrum of profiles and have greater discernment in choosing who you surround yourself with.
  • They nurture your university experience and make your path easier.
  • They strengthen your self-esteem by fostering values that are in harmony with you.
  • You have academic support, and they help you to work as part of an online team.
  • Your friendships transcend the workplace. Yes, you’ll be making friends online now, but you’ll bump into them when you go out into the world of work.
  • They strengthen your ability to adapt and be more sociable.

Ultimately, technological and social change have their benefits because they bring you closer to others despite the distance. Now that you’re at university or college taking online classes, you always have the chance to network and make the most of your university experience. Are you ready to make friends online?

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