How to make professional cakes at home?

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Cakes are amongst one of the most tempting and delicious inventions of mankind. Well, who doesn’t love to enjoy devouring a chef’s special delightful cake in the cosy ambience of a five-star restaurant?

However, the current pandemic situation has made this small wish turn into a nightmare. Gone are the days when we could carefreely sit in a cafe or restaurant and order our favourite cakes. Nowadays, it is hard to even recall the last time we went to a restaurant for dine-in.

Times have been challenging, and all of us certainly miss enjoying restaurant-style expert cakes. But what if we tell you that you can have that same chef’s special tasty cake at the comfort of your home? Sounds unbelievable, no? But, no worries, this isn’t a trap.

We all miss enjoying our favourite professionally curated cakes baked with utter perfection. Thus, we decided to come up with some tricks and tips that can help you imitate the exact professional cake in the setting of your kitchen at home.

So, do not forget to read this blog till the end and make notes!

Follow The Recipe Word By Word

Although this might seem ridiculous to you, this is the very reason that often turns cakes into disasters. Often, not following the recipe bit by bit leads to hard cakes that leave you wondering what went wrong.

Thus, it is vital to thoroughly read the recipe first and understand every step that follows. Secondly, always prep and assemble all the ingredients before you start doing the actual drill. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the essential elements.

To conclude, it is essential to follow a recipe that comes from a credible source or is approved by a chef. Sometimes there are, by default, wrong recipes floating on the Internet. So, be careful regarding which recipe to follow.

Ensuring The Right Temperature

Temperature plays an integral role when it comes to baking. Thus, it is vital to ensure correct temperatures for each step, be it melting or baking. Also, never forget to preheat your oven as per the already mentioned temperature.

Sometimes recipes require certain ingredients to be at room temperature. This can be a little challenging to tackle. As the kitchen temperature is usually higher than the room temperature once the cooking starts.

Be very careful with temperatures when baking a cake. Hence, leave such ingredients out in the kitchen before you start any heated-up action in the kitchen. Improper temperatures lead to underbaked or overbaked cakes. The correct temperature is the key to making a cake with professional texture and sponginess.

Use The Correct Measurements

Baking is a cooking process that requires extreme precision and detail. Hence, it is vital to measure all your ingredients correctly before starting the process. This saves you from last-minute hassles and mess.

Measurements are critical in baking to ensure the cake has the right taste balance and rises just as much as it should. You should definitely get your hands on measuring cups and spoons before getting into baking a cake.

A professional cake can only be made with correct measurements. So, again don’t read the recipe hastily. Follow all the measurements correctly. You can measure the ingredients beforehand so that the baking process itself doesn’t take much time.

Getting The Frosting Right

Preparing the frosting and decorating the cake is amongst the trickiest parts of baking. People often complain that their frosting was not of the right consistency, making the cake look like a melting chocolate ball. It is challenging to get the frosting right.

This is because some precautions must be taken care of when preparing the frosting. Firstly, it is crucial to prep your utensils and ingredients before you beat your frosting.

You need to keep your mixing bowl and beater both in the refrigerator so that they are of the same temperature as your cream and other ingredients. Secondly, do get yourself turntable cake decorating equipment. It makes the decoration process easy and gives professional results.

Mix It The Right Way

Mixing and blending all the ingredients together is the key to achieve a smooth cake batter. It is essential to follow the proper technique when mixing different batters, be it the dry mix, liquid batter, or heavy frosting. The method is not very difficult to grasp.

However, it is a bit technical and does require a bit of practice to crack. You can search the tutorials on the Internet to learn the cut and fold mixing technique. It is often used in many cake recipes.

Other than that, it is vital to have in store the right electric beater and spatulas. This will ensure that the mixing, folding, and beating process is smoothly carried out. A well-mixed batter leads to a smoothly baked cake that radiates perfection and professionalism.

Final Thoughts

We all miss the times we used to enjoy and devour professionally baked tasty cakes. People are often left in anguish when they receive stale cakes in-home deliveries. Well, you can still order for home delivery. However, nothing can beat eating a freshly baked cake.

Furthermore, lockdowns and quarantines haven’t left us with many choices anyway. In such times, trying to bake a professional cake can be a fun activity. You can also get the entire family together to achieve this fun-filled task.

Plus, who knows, you might actually end up discovering your hidden baking talents. Don’t ever underestimate your abilities and skills. The baking itself is a therapeutical experience; hence, you must try it out at least once if you haven’t already.

The perks of trying to bake a professional cake at home can also not be ignored. Suppose everything goes well and you actually learn how to make professional cakes! Congratulations, in that case, you have a side hustle idea ready for you to explore. Please let us know if we missed out on some tips to help you make professional cakes at home. We’d be awaiting your lovely feedback in the comments section below. Until then, happy baking!

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