How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Better Results

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Using Facebook is easy and affordable. For millions of people around the world, it’s simply part of their daily routine. For marketers, it’s one of the top platforms to reach out to a variety of demographics. Facebook opens doors to connect with users from different ethnicities, cultures and tastes. We are not far from the point where Facebook marketing will become necessary for every brand and business. As per a recent study, Facebook monthly active user’s number is close to 2.60 Billion and this social media platform is also called as “King of Social”. 

That said, the increase of users also means a lot more competition especially when you have a Facebook page which requires organic reach and more visibility. In other words, it’s important to set up your Facebook page in such a way that it gets more exposure, in case you have tough luck making your page popular then this post is for you.

Note: This post contains important tips and tricks. So, quickly grab a pen and paper! You can note down whatever you feel is crucial for your Facebook page and fits right into your ad campaign. 

Here we go… 

Page Name

First thing first, your Facebook page name says it all. Whether you own a community page, selling page, or general information page – remember to keep it small and crisp. 

For example, Intrepid Travel – Page Likes 525K, Threadless – Page Like 915k etc. 

If you keep your Facebook name too generic, you will lose all your charm. On the other hand, if you keep it too specific then most of the people won’t be able to connect with it.

The key is to find the right balance between eye-candy name and relevancy. 

Leverage Keywords 

We all know that keywords help in setting the right structure for the page. By sprinkling the keywords on your Facebook page, you can make sure that it leans in the right direction. Moreover, keywords will help you to keep your Facebook Page optimized for the search engine which means better ranking and more organic results. 

The debate for how many or where-to put the keywords ends here! The key is to not to build the Facebook Page around the keywords. Instead, keep the user as the center of your Facebook Page.  

Some of the proven strategic positions to sprinkle your keywords include: – 

  1. About Us area 
  2. Description (of course) 
  3. Facebook Page Headline 
  4. Captions 
  5. Notes
  6.  And, Update Section 

Now, if you search online for a keyword research tool there is a list of relevant results available. A lot of new services have taken birth in cyberspace, yet some of the old yet gold keywords research tools are offered by SEMrush and Ahefs. Following the guidance offered by these tools can magically transform your results. Ensure to use relevant keywords only else you may end up confusing your audience. In the worst case, you might end up sending them to your competitors. 

The Key To Power Backlinks

Since its inception, Backlinking has become one of the important elements for optimization. It’s been done so wrong for so long that finally, we have started to get a grasp on it. That said, doing the backlinking the “right way” can add to your content performance. In other words, strong backlinking improves content relevancy and value. 

The core concept of creating a backlink is just as the name says. In short! Backlink allows or signals Google to your content you are pitching have enough value to be considered as “considerable”. In other words, the content is a valuable piece of content and needs to rank higher on the results so that more people can find out about it and perform their research. You can leverage natural links, manual links and self-created links in your influence ad campaign to connect with a potentially larger audience than ever before! 

Vanity URL

A wise choice would be to leverage all the cool features offered by Facebook Page (business). Within an update, Facebook Page (business) offered a dynamic automatically generated URL. It has been called a “vanity URL” ever since! The benefit of Vanity URL is that it matches your Facebook Page Name and gives a much-required SEO boost for better results. The URL is deceptive, Yes, and concise – just the right thing to give to your audience so that they can remember and revisit your Facebook page whenever they want. Besides, it’s a bit more professional to use the automatically generated URL.

About Us Section 

When you are crafting a Facebook page, it is necessary to fill in all the mandatory details. Don’t worry! It’s easy and simple; you don’t need a professional degree in business, advertising and marketing to figure out how to fill in the details. Just keep it simple and enter only the latest as well as relevant details. Facebook also offers you a specific section just to share the “about” of your Facebook page. So, if you are crafting a Facebook page for your company then you can leverage this page to enter “what your company is about”. On the other hand, if your Facebook page is about the community, then use this section to share information like “what are the principle, mission, vision and values” of your community.

Note: The about us section needs to be pre-planned since there is only a limited number of characters that you can fill in. So, be mindful about it. 

Sharing Information 

The key to attracting more potential customers, followers, friend’s etc. is to distribute relevant information on your Facebook page. For example: If you are a saloon, then the key information you need to publish on your Facebook page can cover price, timing and any special hair-cut offers. That information which will give your audience something to connect with! So, whenever they can contact you wherever they need a new hair-cut. 

To be honest, sharing the right information is a way to gain trust and position yourself as the subject matter expert. In online business, trust, authority, and creditworthiness play a major role. You can say with good brand images comes more customers! Well, that said, ensure to stay consistent throughout the information. Be SEO-savvy if you have too! In other words, use keywords to make your business information more useful. You can also add your details like WhatsApp number, Instagram as well as email id. 

Customization Is The New Nesting  

The primary reason why Facebook is gaining its popularity is that it allows you to customize. The tailored Facebook page has the power to create, change, repeat and dissolve any trend. Because in the local market you cannot get the right colour for your shoe doesn’t mean you cannot customize it on Facebook. As you start exploring the customization option, you literally can get exactly what you need without any compromise or reduction. How does it happen? 

In an update, Facebook allowed users to add a “custom” tab to Facebook Page. As the name suggests, the tab could work in whatever way you want it to work! For example, you can connect your WhatsApp account to the custom tab, so that next time someone likes your product/service – they can tap on the WhatsApp “custom” tab and get in touch with you directly. You can also use the same tab and connect with the ‘call’ option. In this case, your customer will be able to make a direct call to you without logging out from Facebook first. 

Adding a custom tab increases convenience for the customers. Nike has done it! So can you. 

Content is King 

Perhaps you already know this one! The importance of relevant and value-adding content cannot be emphasized more! Especially to stand out your Facebook Page crowd you need to develop a strategy to innovate user-generated content because that’s what gets the most attention. To be honest, it’s always not about generating high quality and quantity of content. Sometimes, it’s just about finding the right thing to put on the Facebook Page. So that it is easy-to-digest and your friend and follower can easily connect to it. 

For this, if you need strategy or technique, then sure make it! In the end, all you need to be keeping an eye on is that your friends, followers and customers can gain maximum value from your Facebook Page. Do this and you can make your Facebook page stand out from the crowd. Moreover, this way you can keep up the trust and promises you made to your individuals following your Facebook Page. 


Creating a Facebook Page is very easy but the key to making a winning page is to take proper action. It is important to take all necessary points into account, such as adding relevant information, adding a custom tab to ensure that your friend, followers, and customer can easily discover what your Facebook page is all about. As well as what value it provides! If you are wondering why your Facebook page is not able to attract more people! Chances are you have done something wrong and now you can use this post as a guide to fix all the issues. Keep posting! 

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