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How to Predict Captain and Vice-Captain in Fantasy Cricket Game 



Vice-Captain in Fantasy Cricket Game 

Fantasy cricket is all about selecting the team wisely to increase your winning chances. You are supposed to choose from 22-25 real-time players and come up with your virtual team. Apart from picking the 11 cricket players, the selection of captain and vice-captain is extremely crucial. In fantasy cricket, captain and vice-captain contain 2X and 1.5X points, and hence such selection can be a gamer turning point for the gamers.   

If you have excellent game knowledge, you can apply it in team formation to add more rewards to your pocket. You might have played real cricket in your childhood; hence it’s the time to play fantasy cricket online to recall those feelings and enjoy the game with utmost thrill. 

Below, we have discussed some tips that can help you develop the best virtual team to remain in the game till the end. 


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Let’s know the first rule of choosing captain and vice-captain. 

Always remember that your game depends on various factors, and your strategy can’t remain the same always. Also, choosing a captain is not the only task you have; instead, picking the vice-captain is also equally important. Hence to avoid conflict, never add two players to the captain and vice-captain list who will outplay each other. You should come up with two names that will complement each other. 

A good bowler and batsman can be an excellent combination, but if they have a good record against each other, then it’s better to change the idea. 


Do a deep research

Keep an eye on a player who is doing wonders from the previous few matches and currently is in form. Such players can be your trump card. Identifying opponents’ team performance is also necessary while choosing captain and vice-captain.  

Avoid spinners who have done wonders in previous matches, but the current match pitch condition is not in his favour. There are stormy players like Rohit Sharma, Jason Roy, Chris Gayle, Aaron Finch etc., who have the capability of playing big innings on their day. However, they are not consistent performers and can be a hit-or-miss situation when not in form. 

Some more facts to consider

Many fantasy players emphasise mainly on batsmen during captain and vice-captain selection. However, a good bowler can also give you more points. There are bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, Lasith Malinga, Piyush Chawla etc., who can change the match by taking more wickets, and thus more rewards in your pocket. 


Also, good batsman wicket-keepers can come to your vice-captain list. For instance, K L Rahul, who has an excellent track record in IPL, can become a game-changer in matches. Another shining star is Rishabh Pant, apart from doing effective wicket-keeping he is known for scoring high in IPL. 

Additional tips 

Tip 1) Star batsmen, who have capability of playing under pressure, can be the best for captaincy. Players like Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Steve Smith and Babar Azam are some of the names who can play well in any condition and can score plenty run in every match. 


Tip 2) It is significant to retain a captain and a vice-captain that can fill out each other and not enemy one another. If you are moving out of points to purchase a bowler as a vice-captain, you may go with a wicket-keeper where the bowlers are inclined to get the batsmen snatched backward. 

Tip 3) Do look for weather conditions and pitch, browse about it and know which batsmen and bowlers will benefit from it. For instance, Harbhajan Singh may be a good option if the angle is presumed to lend an edge to spinners. Bumrah can be a decent choice as a vice-captain or captain if the ball is getting on to receive some swing. 

Tip 4) Lastly, when you select between 2 decent batsmen with proportional good strike averages and rates, you may look up to their regular field roles. Glancing at snag lists is something that maximum players dominate. Catches win matches; leading fantasy cricket applications provide extra points for catches; for instance, many fantasy cricket apps lend 8 points for every catch and give 12 points for three at once.  


Fantasy cricket can be a thrilling one if played with good cricket knowledge. So, if you know the cricket by heart, it’s the time to test it

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