How to Promote Diversity in the Workplace?

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The world is a diverse place. This should be reflected in your business. Diversity is not just something to have, however, but something that should be promoted every day in order to have happy and productive employees. 14 Ways to Create a Safe Workplace for Your Employees

This is especially true if the company you work for is public-facing, meaning that you will have to deal with a diverse number of people every day anyway. This guide will outline five different ways that you can promote diversity in your office. Read on below to see what has been picked.

Celebrate Different Religious Holidays

Whether it’s Christmas, Ramadan, Diwali or Hanukkah, it’s essential that your workplace celebrates every kind of religious holiday in one way or another. Make sure to consult with your different employees about what these holidays mean to them, and find ways to include them through different parties, and if possible, days off for those involved.

Implement Unconscious Bias Training

Whether we realize it or not, unconscious bias is everywhere in the workplace. This is something that can be counteracted through the implementation of training days. Bring in an external consultant trained in these matters to create a day where your employees learn about bias and find the best solutions to actively counteract this.

Actively Seek Out Diverse Candidates

If you find that your business isn’t that diverse to begin with, then it is easily possible to make a positive change through your hiring process. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Firstly, you could try and counterbalance any prejudice you may have through the implementation of blind CVs — only looking at qualifications and not somebody’s name or background. The other way is to look for people from diverse backgrounds and to ask them to interview! This is definitely worth doing as a study shows that diverse companies earn on average 19% more revenue!

Court Feedback from your Employees

Sometimes those best qualified to deal with questions of diversity in the workplace are your employees yourself. You can ask them for feedback in a bunch of different ways, including scheduling one-on-one meetings, providing an anonymous dropbox, creating collective group meetings, or conducting surveys.

If you opt for the final choice, you can create great surveys that can be tabulated into actionable data through, which allows you to create and manage surveys with a minimum of fuss. 

Elevate Women and Ethnic Minorities to Management Positions

Being a great leader is about inspiring your workers to be the best possible versions of themselves. One way of doing this is to give promotions to people in your office from diverse backgrounds.

This will make people in smaller positions think more about what they are capable of, not only means that they will feel respected, but they will also work much harder, making your office not only a better place to work, but a more productive place in general. It also means that if any issues relating to diversity do arise, then those in more senior positions will know how to deal with those issues.

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