How to promote TikTok from scratch, get into the rivers and gain real followers

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40 million users – this is the number of people from all over the world who visit TikTok every day. Among the world’s social networks, this site confidently takes the 7th place in terms of attendance. In total, there are over 800 million active users here. And only good content and promotion of Tik-Tok by free or paid methods helps to stand out among them.

Unlike other social networks, this site does not block users for promotion. The main thing before promoting TikTok is to design your profile and regularly update it with trendy, interesting content to get more and more Tiktok views. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired result from promotion.

The surest method of how to quickly promote TikTok is activity. And here we are talking not just about regular posts (this is more typical for Instagram), but about constantly interesting, trendy and original videos. The easiest way to learn how to shoot these is to choose the direction that interests you the most.

“Here’s the best advice you can give to young people:” Find something that you enjoy doing, and then find someone who will pay you for it. ” Catherine Whitehorn.

If you like dancing – record it on video and publish or create full-fledged training videos. Spend a lot of time cooking – shoot interesting and easy recipes and share them with the public. It is not worth creating a video by force.

First, you get bored quickly. And secondly, usually such videos do not deserve a lot of likes.

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TikTok users want ease of viewing content.

The account has been created, an approximate direction for future videos has been selected. It remains only to stand out among the active audience (which monthly makes 500 million users).

TOP ways to promote your TikTok account:

Correct design of the profile. Before you promote TikTok from scratch, you need to design your page. A cool profile consists of: a light and memorable nickname, a vivid photo, the presence of concise and interesting information. Integration with other social networks. Link to your TikTok profile in all your social networks: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube – whatever. 

Challenges. Repeating after others is not always a bad thing. You can find current topics, tasks for a video by using the # Challenge hashtag or simply by carefully studying the feed. Emotional videos. Videos that evoke some kind of emotion are promoted well and quickly go to the TOP.

Trends. If you are interested in promoting TikTok for free without tasks and without attachments – record trending videos. With their help, you can fly into trends in just a day and gain a good number of subscribers. 

Music . The popular application offers its users a complete music library. With popular audio tracks, you can shoot video without leaving the program. Videos recorded to popular songs go to the TOP faster.

Massliking. Actively like other people’s videos. It is likely that some of them will decide to get acquainted with the work of the person who evaluates them. Mass following. Do not forget to leave comments under the TikTokers videos. This will attract the attention of other users of the site. 

Activity on your channel. Users’ comments cannot be ignored. Every opinion must be answered. 

Hashtags. For each video, you must put several hashtags on a specific topic (up to 150 characters in total). You can select popular TikTok hashtags on your own or using third-party services. 

Collaborations. To reach a new audience, you can shoot videos together with other tiktokers. Filming is carried out online. For free collaborations, you need to choose accounts with approximately the same indicators (likes, subscriptions) as yours. 

Video with stars. To shoot a video with a popular personality, it is not necessary to write to her manager for a year. You can record the original video in the mobile application. For example, in social karaoke Smule. 

Advertising from bloggers. It is not necessary to sell half an apartment to buy advertising. Many already promoted tiktokers are ready to advertise other users in their videos for $ 14- $ 140.

Using third-party programs. There are free and paid apps for boosting live subscribers. Let’s talk about them in more detail a little further. 

Marathon. Nowadays, videos with user transformation are doing well. Especially if he does not go along this path himself. Therefore, a weight loss marathon, for example, is also a good method for promoting Tik-Tok for free and without third-party services. 

Creation of effects, masks. Like Instagram, TikTok has also recently and you can create your own effects for the video. If he goes into trends, you can safely count on a good arrival of subscribers. 

Increased engagement. This can be done through polls, live broadcasts and any other form of interaction with the audience. 

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Likes to comments. Evaluating the opinions of other users also draws attention to the profile. Interesting description for the video. It’s not enough just to upload a video and attach hashtags to it to promote your profile. It is necessary to encourage the user to communicate in the comments. To do this, it is necessary to sign the publication in an interesting way. 

Contests. A multi-million dollar budget is not required for contests. A regular checklist or even a signal can be used as a prize. Better yet, team up with other budding Tiktokers, form a joint budget, and gradually play it off among the people viewing your content. 

We invite friends. Even 10-15 friends who subscribe to your profile is already a good start for developing your profile. Video preview on other platforms. Each publication should be distributed as much as possible on all platforms where you are registered. 

Bonus. Every hundredth, thousandth or tenth subscriber can be given a small bonus. For example – free advertising on your page. Improving video quality. It is necessary to constantly improve the videos. Use a normal camera, apply appropriate effects. 

Target. Yes, live subscribers can also come from internal advertising. Unlike Instagram, Tik Tok has a more meager set of target audience settings: gender, location, age. But this is enough to increase the popularity of the account. 

Regular content. Add new videos as often as possible and do not delete old ones from the channel. So the chance that one of the videos will be included in the recommendation is much higher. Third-party services and other similar sites are a good opportunity to get the required number of fans, views, likes, comments to bring the channel to the TOP. 

More people in the frame. Videos with 2 or more people are better perceived by the audience. Videos with parents, younger sisters, brothers, grandmothers and grandfathers are playing especially well now. You can also involve your friends. Using these methods, you can both become popular in tik tok in 1 day, and gradually develop the channel. But you should understand that no method will work if you publish uninteresting, boring, primitive content.

The TikTok audience is on the lookout for awesome videos.

These can be life hacks, dances, educational videos. The main thing is to be original in the chosen topic. Better yet, an expert one. When it comes to dancing, then you can teach it to your subscribers. With the food industry it is even easier – you just need to record video recipes for the dishes.

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