How to Save Budget in Media Production

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So how much will this project cost? This is the one question most clients ask. You do not want to chase away your customers with exorbitant prices. Subsequently, how will you, as a producer, make a maximum profit while providing your clients with high-quality production but at a pocket–friendly price? So, visit this website to get your way around a free video maker to make high-quality productions while saving money.

To figure this out you need to pay great attention to the stages of production and on that note come up with a low-budget strategy. The three main stages of media production are pre-production, Production, and finally, post-production. Pre-production involves the first stages of planning, scripting, and storyboarding. Production entails the shooting or recording while post-production entails everything done after the shooting which is mainly editing and coming up with the final copy.

The following tips will help you save on budget for your media production:


If you’re looking to trim costs, review your pre-production activities for they can be time-consuming and expensive if not well-handled.

Format Choice

If you’re creating a video for marketing, for instance, choose a format that will be less expensive. For example, a staged video with a couple of characters shot in different locations would be quite expensive. On the other hand, a documentary would be cheaper since you do not necessarily need a studio or actors. Moreover, it is more honest and shows your audience what it is really about

Scripting and Storyboarding

If you cannot afford professional scriptwriters, you can opt for in-house scriptwriting with tips obtained online and with comments from your colleagues and professionals which will be cheaper.

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Simplify Your Video Production Using a Free Video Maker

There is the software you can use to create templates for every video package you offer. A more cost-effective approach is using the free video maker to create video templates you can use each time you want to create a similar video, whether for advertisement or a movie trailer. This will help you plan for and anticipate costs in a much better position.

Your template can include basic features required for every project such as audio recording, videographer, and crew. You can then charge extra for each ad such as animation and licensed music.

Save On Travel Expenses

Thanks to technology, you do not have to go to every location of interest to record a video. Some of the free video makers have an additional feature called the Chroma key which you can use to edit your background and forge a location. This is the green screen effect.

All you need is to set up your backgrounds with a green or blue cloth, paper, or wall. Shoot your scenes as if you’re in the location you desire then edit your video.

Save On Labor Costs

Almost all professionals needed during production are paid per shift shooting your budget way up. There are interns and newcomers however that would love to work with you such as editors and designers to build their portfolio and experience. This is idyllic teamwork that would help you get more work done at a lesser period and cost. Nevertheless, you must have experienced professionals to give that quality production.

Use a local video production crew to save on costs that you would incur for flying them in, paying for accommodation and other allowances.

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Save On Time

Considering everyone is paid per shift, to save on budget, you need to squeeze the maximum out of each day. Shoot several clips at a time then use the free video maker later to either split, trim or combine the videos into one.

Save On Equipment Expenses

Want to shoot a video but on budgetary constraints? Do not worry you already carry around a video production studio. Your phone, depending on the quality can be used to shoot videos and edited later using the free video maker to add those effects that you would have to use to the camera to incorporate.

Rent equipment locally as well to save on costs from sound to cameras to lighting gear.

Post Production

This takes the longest time and work. Just like in the textile industry, you can harvest cotton in just a day but it will take weeks to come abreast with the final product; coats or trousers. The free video maker is your number one go-to at this stage. At the comfort of your house, use the features and tools provided to edit your video into the high-end final product you have always wanted such as with:

Special Effects

The free video maker lets you save on funds you would have otherwise spent on creating effects such as fires, gunshots, and earthquakes. All you need is your laptop or phone, ideas, WIFI or data, and the software to create these effects during editing.

Color Correction

Edit the tone and texture of your video using the free video maker. You do not necessarily need a professional for that. Adjust sharpness and brightness to produce high-quality and clear video.

Final Thoughts On Free Video Maker

The market for media production, such as in film has been going through upheaval. This is because as technology advances, so do the costs. With proper planning and budgeting, however, it is possible to produce quality productions.  This, of course, is without necessarily going for loans or spending extravagantly. Do not give up on your dreams due to financial constraints, keep cost-cutting and trying until you reach your goals.

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