How to Ship a Motorbike

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Moving house can be a huge job. But even more so when it’s out of state – or worse – country. To make it more difficult, you might not be in a position to sell your car or motorbike (or simply don’t want to), meaning you’ll need to find a way to get it to your new place. 

Alternatively, perhaps you like the look of a motorbike you’ve seen online and need to find a way to ship it. (If you’re looking to buy, make sure to check out our top facts about Honda bikes.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, we’re sharing with you the best way to ship your motorbike, so you can rest assured it gets to you safe and sound. 

How much will shipping a motorbike cost? 

There’s no set price for shipping a motorbike. Of course, the size and weight of the bike will be a significant factor, as well as the distance it’s being transported. Certain companies will also provide the option of open or enclosed trailers, with the enclosed option being around 40-60% more expensive. Enclosed trailers are harder to obtain and therefore in higher demand – which is why the price can jump so much. 

Shipping a motorbike: where to start

To ensure the job is done properly, you need to first find yourself a reputable auto transportation company; click here to find out more. While these types of companies all have experience shipping vehicles, it’s a good idea to find one that specializes in motorcycles or at least can prove they have plenty of experience. 

Even then, don’t just trust the first motorbike specialist you come across. Make sure to check reviews – both on the company website and off. Companies are more than happy to show off their positive reviews, but you’ll get a better picture of their service on trusted sites like Trustpilot or Google Reviews. 

As mentioned above, if you’re keen to use an enclosed trailer, you will also need to find a company that offers this service – as not all will! 

In terms of price, it’s a good idea to have a few companies provide you a quote. That way you can compare them to find the best service for the best price. 

Preparing your motorbike for shipment

If you’re with the motorbike before it’s shipped, you’ll need to prepare it yourself. To start, give the bike a good clean so that you can record any existing chips and scuffs before it’s transported. This is helpful so you can claim if the vehicle is damaged during transit. The best auto transportation companies will have insurance built into their pricing as added cover for you and your bike. 

You’ll also need to disable the alarms and remove any personal items from the bike to avoid issues during transit. 

If you’re buying the bike from elsewhere, and won’t see it beforehand, ask the seller to take note of any marks before the carrier arrives. 

Shipping any vehicle can be tricky. But with a great transportation company and enough prep, you’ll be reunited with your bike in no time. 

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