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How to Spot a Healthy Restaurant: 8 Qualities to Look For

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Healthy eating does not equate to deprivation, starving to lose weight, or adhering to a restrictive diet. 

Instead, it is about getting healthy by making better food choices, such as eating natural foods, watching portion sizes, and minimizing the consumption of processed food. This also means making smart decisions when eating out, such as choosing a healthy restaurant in Dubai.

But what makes a restaurant healthy? Here are the eight qualities to look for when searching for a healthy restaurant.

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1. Uses fresh ingredients

The ingredients have a significant impact on the taste and quality of food.

When a chef uses old fish or chicken, these proteins will lose their value. The same is true when meat has been frozen and then defrosted. It naturally loses most of the juicy and natural taste it contains before it is put in the fridge. 

The finest ingredients are those that are fresh, refrigerated, and used before they reach the point where they need to be preserved.

Fresh ingredients also mean no preservatives and additives. These food enhancers don’t just alter the taste but are also not as healthy as naturally fresh food. 

2. Offers high-quality meat and seafood

Meat is among the most nutritious foods. It is packed with nutrients, including phosphorus, B vitamins, selenium, zinc, potassium, and iron. It is a healthy source of fats and great for building muscles. 

Seafood is another healthy food. It contains vital nutrients like protein, B and D vitamins, iron, and omega-3s that are essential for a healthy brain and strong bones and immune system.

But not all meat and seafood are created equal. A healthy restaurant offers only the finest quality steaks, such as Kobe beef and wagyu, and the freshest seafood.

3. Offers healthy drinks

A healthy restaurant does not only offer healthy meals but serves nutritious drinks, too. 

Offering beverages filled with sugar and other artificial ingredients will ruin the whole point of being a healthy diner. Using little to no sugar, infusing drinks with herbs, using fresh or locally sourced fruits and vegetables, and going for cold-pressed juices instead of regular ones are ways to make beverages healthier.

And with more and more customers looking for non-alcoholic beverages for good health, a healthy restaurant should also offer a wide variety of healthy cocktails on their menu.

4. Plant-forward

Being plant-forward means incorporating plant-based dishes into the menu. Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, and only a few calories. These are also high in fibre, which helps stave off hunger and minimises the temptation to overeat.

A healthy restaurant should also cater to people with dietary preferences like vegans and vegetarians. 

The Sourdough Bread loaf from Wildfire by Doors, for instance, is a vegan and gluten-free sourdough bread with a unique flavour, softness, and texture. The perfect combination of gluten-free tapioca flour, corn flour, and brown rice flour makes this loaf a nutrient-dense bread. It is an excellent choice for a healthy breakfast or a guilt-free snack when in Dubai.

5. Delivers food to your doorstep

As lifestyle changes, customers are willing to spend extra on convenience. And this includes ordering healthy food online and having it delivered to their homes.

You do not have to get out of your house to satisfy your cravings. With a few mouse clicks, you can enjoy your favourite healthy dishes at home with your loved ones. 

You just have to check the restaurant website on how you can order online. A great service provider will be more than willing to assist you – from finding the most suitable meal for your health to giving you updates on when your order will arrive at your home.

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6. Allows customisation

The definition of “healthy” varies from one person to another. What is beneficial for your health may be detrimental for another person. This is why a healthy restaurant allows for customisation.

With customisation, you have the option to make changes and suggestions on how the chef should prepare your food and what ingredients to include or exclude. For delivery, you can have a personalised meal with pre-measured ingredients.  

7. Great Ambiance

The restaurant ambiance can also have an impact on eating healthy. Factors like physical and social surroundings, including temperature, color, smell, sound, distraction, and presence of other people affect food choices and food intake.

Look for a healthy restaurant that makes an effort to manipulate these ambient factors to ensure that you enjoy the place as you eat. Comfortable seating, attractive decor, excellent background music, and proper lighting are some things to look for.

Cleanliness is also an essential factor to consider. Keeping the space clean is something a great restaurant doesn’t take lightly because it can lead to potential issues and illnesses. So before ordering your meals, take note if all areas are clean, including the surroundings of the restaurant, service areas, and restrooms.

8. Transparent

Besides price, taste, and experience, food transparency has become a key factor in determining a great restaurant. This refers to restaurants being honest and clear about sourcing, nutritional facts, ingredients, social impacts, and environmental footprints.

Eating healthy involves knowing as much information as possible about what you are ingesting. Before taking any dish or meal, you must know everything that goes in it.

A healthy restaurant should also support local communities, have consistent interactions with their customers, and be honest about their shortcomings.

Eat and live well

Eating for wellness has become much easier, with more and more restaurants offering healthier options. Still, due diligence is necessary to ensure that you are eating right. And this means knowing how to spot a healthy restaurant.

Look for these eight qualities to make sure that you are getting the nutrients your body needs and avoid those unnecessary ingredients that can do more harm than good.

Once you have spotted a healthy restaurant, check their website before heading to the place. This way, you can choose what food to order and avoid snappy decisions that you might regret later. More importantly, make fine dining reservations to ensure that you have a designated table upon arrival, avoiding long queues and frustration. 

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