How to Use a Browser to Run Android Apps

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You are not restricted to using your favorite and indispensable Android games and apps on tiny displays. To use the larger screen and complete keyboard and mouse functionality, you may quickly get them operating on your desktop or laptop computer.

Android is a great operating system with intuitive apps for practically every need you may have. Android offers versatility and usefulness with applications for monitoring your workout statistics, weather, and sometimes even applications that assist you in selecting a color palette for your facility’s design.

But what if you prefer all of it on a different gadget?

With more than 72% of the market share for mobile operating systems worldwide, Android is still in charge. Any software that aspires to even moderate success must function properly on Android. Unsurprisingly, a large number of people across the globe utilize Android applications for a variety of objectives (from social media, bill payments, and travel bookings to relying on the news).

Run your apps on any device

Anyone, everywhere, with any device that has a standard browser, may run your app if you host it on our server. Then it can be used on desktops, laptop computers, Android phones, iPhones, and other web-enabled devices. The user only needs a standard browser; they do not require any plugins, Java, or other specialty software. Your native app does not need to be changed.

Whether or not your app is already listed on an app store, you may still make it publicly accessible right now.

It is not necessary to initially post it to an app store. As early in the process, as you like, upload it, let users try android device testing, and provide comments.

A thorough android real device testing across many device-OS versions is required to release sturdy apps for a top mobile operating system. This necessitates a comprehensive on-site mobile device lab that enables developers and QAs to test their mobile applications thoroughly.

However, not every business can set up such device laboratories because they involve significant investments.

Employing a cloud-based test tool that enables android app testing on actual devices instantly in an internet browser is the best substitute for utilizing a mobile phone lab. Individuals and groups may use the actual device cloud as a test environment to remotely check applications on preferred Android mobile phones. Quality Analysts may test their Android apps on genuine smartphones from well-known manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and Apple, straight from the browser. No complicated setups or settings are required of them.

Steps to run Android apps on browsers

Do you want to run Android tests on your laptop or desktop but do not know how?

To launch Android applications in a web browser on your PC, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Register for a free trial of HeadSpin.

Step 2: Select the Uploaded applications area when the App-live dashboard appears.

Step 3: Upload the Android app (APK file) for testing by clicking the Upload button.

Step 4: To test the app, choose the preferred Android device.

Step 5: After clicking, a new App-Live session will start on the chosen device.

Step 6: Once the session begins, the specified APK file is downloaded and installed on the selected device. Just perform the appropriate app tests as of right now.

You may use the workaround above to run your preferred Android applications or games in your browser, eliminating the need to interrupt your workday to use your favorite application for a short while.

All HeadSpin testing is run on genuine Android smartphones housed in a secure cloud, simulating legitimate user situations. That is how simple it is to download and use Android applications on actual devices using the Chrome or Mozilla browser. Edge, Safari, and other internet browsers are also available.


Android apps must be tested on several Android devices and versions to obtain the required test coverage. Quality Analysts are forced to rely on vast on-premise device labs without a cloud-based testing platform like HeadSpin. As previously said, establishing such a lab takes a significant investment and is not a viable option for small or medium-sized businesses.

This is where teams or lone testers might benefit from utilizing systems like HeadSpin. Sign up for free, submit your APK file, select your preferred Android phone, and then execute the APK file straight in your browser. No complicated setups are required. Users may access native Android apps from anywhere around the globe on any real smartphone. Since all tests are carried out on actual hardware, it is easier to provide accurate and dependable test results consistently. Thus, Android apps can be evaluated and optimized for the complexities of real-world competition.

For app testing, developers and QAs can additionally make use of the following features:

  • Rotate your device to see how the app looks in Portrait and Landscape mode.
  • Geolocation testing is used to evaluate websites from various locales.
  • Use a network throttler to simulate unreliable network conditions.
  • Access built-in smartphone functions, such as push notifications and in-app purchases.

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