How To Wear A Spearfishing Wetsuit

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Wearing a spearfishing wetsuit is difficult without lubrication; it will be coated over the exposed open-cell neoprene, which is the interior of the wetsuit. 

The design allows the inside of the suit to function as a complete body seal, preventing cold water and maintaining your body functions at normal. Lubrication is vital when putting your wetsuit on. To ensure you put on your wetsuit efficiently and without damage, the following steps are helpful:

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  • Step 1 

Pour the mixture into the pants first, slosh the mixture around, and then pour any excess into the jacket; the soapier the mixture, the better. Your suit, when dry on the inside, will be challenging to put on. The solution will help your body slip the wetsuit without rubbing off your body hair or damaging the wetsuit. Ensure good body coverage

  • Step 2

Slide your leg one at a time into the pants. The wetsuit should have articulated knees, elbows, hips, neck, and shoulders, so that should give you an idea of which way is front and back. Remember, the inside is the rubbery bit. Start by pulling the ankles on one at a time. Grab big chunks of wetsuit and avoid using your fingertips as fingernails will make holes in the suit. Bring it up slowly to the shoulders until it sits comfortably as a trouser would expect to.

  • Step 3

Now the jacket. This the challenging bit, and for some, it can lead to a bit of calamity! Ensure the inside of the jacket is lubed up; start by sliding one arm in slowly, inch by inch, getting your hand clear of the wrist hole before you move it up beyond your elbows. Remove any watch if you have one, and be keen not to pinch the material with fingernails.

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  • Step 4

Hold the suit open at the waist and raise the suit up above your head, then push your head and shoulders in. Before you go any further than your bicep, get the other hand and lower arm through the other arm. At this point, it should be positioned like a sweater around your upper arms. Remember you need to stand straight and bring your shoulders down; your head should slide into the hood. Once your head is halfway, start pulling it down and get your face free and clear of the face hole to catch a breath.

  • Step 5

Grab the bunched material that will be all under your armpits and pull it down carefully until it sits appropriately as any top should. It’s this bit that causes the most damage, on the whole, so be more cautious.

Make sure the suit is fitting, and all the curves articulate your body.

  • Step 6

Once it’s all on, pull the beaver tail through your legs and clip it together to the front fasteners, and you’re done! With time, this becomes an easy routine. All the best!

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