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'I don't mean to be a pest': Elon Musk tells Satya Nadella




'I don't mean to be a pest': Elon Musk tells Satya Nadella

In a recent tweet exchange, Elon Musk has urged Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to allow users to set up a new Windows PC without creating a Microsoft account. Musk expressed his frustration over this issue, stating that even if he wanted to sign up, it wouldn’t allow him to use a work email address.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s request came after Nadella announced a partnership with Mistral AI, a leader in generative artificial intelligence. Musk’s plea to skip the Microsoft account setup process has not yet received a response from Nadella.

Musk initially shared his struggles with setting up his new Windows PC over the weekend, highlighting the requirement to create a Microsoft account to complete the setup. This led to a back-and-forth exchange between Musk and Microsoft, with the tech billionaire emphasizing the need for more user-friendly options for Windows PC setup.


As the debate between Musk and Microsoft continues, it remains to be seen how Nadella will respond to Musk’s request for allowing users to skip creating a Microsoft account when setting up a new Windows PC. The issue has sparked a conversation on social media about the ease of use and accessibility of Microsoft’s products.

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