I Love You Part 2 Web Series on ULLU- A web series where fantasy turns into reality

I Love You Part 2 Web Series – Ullu app releases new web series every week. The digital streaming platform offers top-quality content in the bold erotic genre. After releasing back-to-back hit web series, makers are bringing I Love You Part 2. After Covid, the public prefers to enjoy the latest movies and web series in their home than go out. Plus with rising cases of Covid, it is better to follow social distancing than hang out in public places. So let’s get to know the world of I Love You Part 2.

The plotline of the I Love You Part 2 web series

Most of the ullu web series are based on sexual fantasies. I Love You Part 2 story starts where Part 1 ended. It revolves around Aakash, the guy who is heartbroken when the love of his life Natasha has left her because she was having an affair with his best friend Suraj. In the meantime, Aakash is feeling a bit isolated and lonely and finds solace in Suraj’s sister Prabha.  Also, Suraj’s mother Sulekha also falls for him leaving him with two options. Watch the series on the ullu app to know what happens next, when Aakash is able to make the right decision.

The cast of the web series

Famous actresses Nita Sharma, Poonam Rajput and Nita Sharma have been cast in the leading role. Nita Sharma is a famous actress and model. This is the first time she has opted for a bold role in a web series. Fans are eager to see her seductive performance. She has surely made a mark for herself in the media with her amazing talent. Make sure to check out her social media handles for the latest photos and videos. 

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