‘I Survived the NYC Earthquake’ Viral T-Shirt, Kerry Colley The Man Behind

Kerry Colley, the owner of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts, likely made thousands of dollars thanks to his quick thinking and reactive approach following the recent New Year earthquake, which deeply impacted the people who experienced it.

‘I Survived the NYC Earthquake’ Viral T-Shirt By Kerry Colley

The 4.8 magnitude earthquake was terrifying for the people who experienced it. Kerry Colley was present during the earthquake, experiencing its terror firsthand. His first instinct was to instruct his team to quickly produce T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase ‘I Survived the NYC Earthquake.’

The shirts were hot with the font color popping out of them. People were quick enough to grab the T-shirts; they were 100% cotton and were being sold for only 10 dollars. The demand for them rose so high that they were quickly getting off the shelves and needing to be restocked now and then.

Because of his popularity and quick way of handling a disaster, Kerry made sure his products made a hit at the sales. Now, he has also caught the attention of people online and in real life. These shirts are not only a gentle reminder of how nature can be catastrophic but they can also play a huge part in the lives of people who went through the disaster.

Kerry Colley used to work for Thomson Financial, where he held the position of Vice President. However, in 2019, he started his own business venture of making T-shirts. He describes himself as a results-driven and result-oriented individual. He has kept his private life away from the media and the internet.

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