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Importance of Wheel Weigh to Help Measure the Heavy Goods Vehicles Axle Loads

Any vehicle’s gross axle load and wheel load can be calculated with the help of wheel weigh pads. An axle weigh pad system typically comprises a pair of lightweight (5 kg) weigh pads that can support up to 20 tons and a weight indicator with a printer. 

These gadgets are commonly used to check if a vehicle meets Australia’s legal weight restrictions for highway usage. The motorist may be cited for prosecution or given a fixed penalty notice if determined to have exceeded the maximum permitted axle weight. 

Always pay attention to the importance of axle weighing to determine a vehicle’s total weight. Many people wonder why equipping your car with high-quality wheel weigh pads is so important. These reasons will help you understand the importance of the wheel weight.

·       Prevent Penalties

In some cases, drivers who exceed their vehicle’s limit axle weight may face significant fines or even jail time. Any weight beyond one tonne per axle may result in additional fees. The overall weight of your vehicle can be determined using a portable weighbridge, allowing you to comply with regulations regarding the weight of commercial vehicles. Most importantly, keeping the car under legal weight limits keeps it from putting extra strain on the pavement.

·       Avoid Deteriorating Road Surfaces

Commercial vehicles, which often carry higher loads than consumer vehicles, are particularly vulnerable to the damage caused by an uneven axle-weight vehicle. Pressure resistance is a critical consideration while developing road constructions. 

This is why vehicles are built with the maximum legal axle weights in mind. Thus, it is not to be exceeded under any circumstances. It is common knowledge that trucks and other large vehicles carrying lots of weight are more challenging on roadways. 

That is why checking the axle weight before setting it out is essential. Wheel axle weight must be checked using sturdy wheel weigh pads to prevent damage to the road surface, especially if you routinely transfer from one region to another carrying greater loads.

·       Avoid Damaging Your Auto

Overloading can cause physical damage to your car and pavement wear and tear. Even though many parts of large commercial vehicles can withstand tremendous amounts of pressure and wear and tear for years, strict limits must be observed. 

Damage to tires, drive shafts, and axles, among other components, can arise from chronically neglecting the vehicle’s weight distribution. This might cause various issues, such as replacing some parts entirely. However, having a heavy load can alter the way you drive significantly. Therefore, it is crucial to measure the car’s weight to guarantee the safety of your vehicle.

·       Reduced Expenses

When carrying a heavy weight, fuel efficiency suffers. Maintaining the same speed while carrying a heavier load requires more gasoline. The vehicle’s fuel efficiency will decrease because of this. Over time, it can add up to a significant cost that cuts into your company’s bottom line.

·       Safeguarding Motorists

Because an unbalanced load prevents the vehicle’s rear wheels from making contact with the ground, accurate vehicle weight measurement is crucial. A vehicle’s stability and braking capability are compromised by a heavy load, increasing the likelihood of collisions.


Wheel weigh pads, both portable and permanently installed, are abundant. The maximum axle weight of your vehicle may be measured on the go using portable wheel weigh pads, ensuring your continued legal compliance.

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