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This is How to Improve Your Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing

There are many benefits that you can enjoy from working with influencers on your brand. One such benefit is that these influencers can help you to create content that is authentic for your brand. If you feel that your brand will do well with storytelling and authentic content creation, then there is much evidence to show that influencer marketing is just the digital marketing strategy that you need. To also improve the effectiveness of your content strategy.

Influencer marketing is one type of digital marketing that is fast rising and many brands are jumping on this strategy as a new way to reach out to and connect to their customers directly. A marketer with a lot of marketing visions will be able to tell how much power influencers have. If you think about the rise of social media and how significant a role it now plays in our lives, then it is easier to see how powerful these people that can influence the social media space are. 

With each single social media platform having its own set of users who are glued to it, you know you have an audience that is waiting to be reached out to. The statistics by Hootsuite, that there are 11 new people opening social media every second is very staggering. This means there are about 1 million new users every day. 1million people waiting to be reached by influencers. 

Having a very good content strategy is very important but leveraging it with influencer marketing makes it more effective and yields better results. Many social media users now have influencers whose posts and contents they look up to. Brands can easily liaise with these influencers to post content about their brand and product. Because these influencers already have trust among their followers, the brands can easily win over new customers and as well make more sales. 

How To Improve Your Content Strategy With Influencer Marketing 

1. Have a goal and focus on it 

Before you decide to go on with your influencer marketing campaign, then you must be sure that you will get your ROI on it. But just before you start out your influencer marketing, another thing that you must consider very important is your marketing goal. You must ask yourself what your goal is. This will determine how you go about your marketing campaign. There are certain questions that you must ask yourself:

  • Which content type will you be creating? 
  • Are you trying to engage the new audience or you just want to create a desire in people to buy your product?
  • Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand? 
  • Are you looking for more shares?
  • Is it just engagement that you want?

This is the first thing that you should do when you are trying to improve your content strategy with influencer marketing. This is also key to determining your key performance indicators (KPI) which is what you will use to measure how effective your social media campaign is. 

2. Find an influencer in your niche or industry 

When trying to carry out your influencer marketing, you can’t choose just anybody. Your influencer marketing strategy is only as effective as the influencer that you are using. But social media is a very busy place and there is a lot of noise on this platform, so how do you identify the influencer that is right for your brand. 

There are however many tools that you can use for this purpose. Some of these tools are Traackr, DeepSocial, etc. Some of these tools are even available to use for free. As some of the professional essay writers say that these tools give you accurate data with just one button click that can help you find the most powerful influencers that focus on a particular niche that your service or product is focused on, and as they mention in the best essay writing services.

Once you find prospective influencers that you can use, go through their profiles on the individual social networks, see what they post, and be sure that they are experts in their niche. 

The way people have accepted social media massively means that many people have risen as influencers in many fields. These influencers have their different personalities but you have to find the one whose message is closest to your brand’s core values and the type of audience that your brand needs.  

There are 3 different types of influencers on social media: 

  • Celebrities: these are superstars and are very well-known on and off social media. These people have a large fan base and followership on social media. 
  • Macro-influencers: this is the type of influencer who has solid personal branding on social media, with a high PR value in a particular category. 
  • Micro-influencers: these ones have a relatively smaller audience, so they have a better personal touch with their followers. These people target followers in a particular niche and have a wide reach on any platform that they choose. 

Based on your preference and other factors such as budget, you can choose any of these types of influencers to improve your content strategy. 

3. Choose the type of content that you want 

Having set your content marketing goal and having also identified and decided on your influencer, the next thing that you have to do is to think of and decide on the type of content that you want to create or use for your digital marketing. You can choose to create your own content while the influencer elaborates on it or you can just allow your chosen influencers to create it. 

If you want the influencer to be the one to create the content, you can give the influencer the freedom to tell their story of your brand in the content in a way that captures the attention of the readers. 

You also have to decide if your brand will be needing a review or not. You can leverage the trust that the audience has in the influencer to make them trust your brand through the influencer’s positive review. If the influencer writes a detailed and honest review about your product and your brand. This strategy is even more effective when your influencer has followers that are your target audience as well. That is why you have to be careful when choosing your influencer. They are not suitable for you just because they have a large following. That is one factor, but what is more important is for the followers to also be your target audience. 

Depending on the type of product or service which your brand offers, you might have to decide if you will be needing a demo video, such as DIYs, tutorial videos and other easy hacks. This will help you to connect your audience with your brand and as well build trust, leading to more conversions. 

Another content type that you might want to consider is the interview format. This is more useful if you are working with multiple influencers. You could do an interview, a blog post, or a live stream. Then ask the influencers questions that you know your audience would need answers to and like to answer. You can also promote your brand through reviews, sponsored content, event coverage, affiliate links, and brand mentions. 

4. Your target audience is the focus 

Since you have a particular set of people that you are focused on, you must hold on to that fact. This must continue to ring in your head when you are choosing your target audience. So, it is important that you have a deep understanding of who your customers are, their personas, as this determines the type of content that is appropriate for them. More importantly, it will also determine the type of influencers that you are choosing. 

The persona of your customers helps you to make your content and the message in it in a way that is right for them. That is the importance of building a customer persona. You easily understand your customers’ specific needs, backgrounds, and interests, etc. you can use many different types of templates to carry out your survey and research, so that you can really get a grip on the persona of your buyers. 

With this, you can choose the right influencer for the audience and as well, craft the most appropriate message (content) for them. Everything about social media is engagement. So, you have to make sure that your company’s values are not apart from your content strategy. Everything must align. Another thing that you must ensure is that you tell a story that resonates with your target audience, something that they can relate to. So, you have to make your content accessible to your target audience, and use the right type of content for your audience. 

“If you are using Instagram, for instance, you need to know that your posts are going to have a high visual appeal,” says Greg Kane, the social media content manager from assignment writing service. But, if you are using Facebook, then short videos, stories, and other eye-catching stories may be more appropriate. Be sure to also keep your eye on relevant hashtags and popular events. Everything needs to be used well in your influencer marketing campaigns. Your strategy has to be in line with your target audience and the chosen platform. 

5. Measure your ROI 

The reason for running an influencer marketing campaign is to improve your content strategy but without a good ROI, it is as good as nothing. Starting the campaign is good but measuring your ROI (Return on Investment) to find out the effectiveness of your campaign is more important. 

One important factor to measure the ROI of your influencer marketing campaign is the reach of your influencer. The goals of your marketing campaign, how well you have been doing, what you have been doing poorly, what you will have to do to improve the effectiveness of your campaign will also be known after measuring your ROI.  

Some of the things that you have to track are the reach of your influencer, their impressions, the amount of traffic they drive to your website, the number of engagements your marketing campaign gets (likes, shares, comments, etc.). There are a number of marketing tools that you can choose from and use to accurately analyze the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns. At the end of the day, there will be no point in running a campaign without measuring the ROI. You could just be spending money on a fruitless venture.


Influencer marketing is still a fast-growing marketing strategy which is very popular with many brands because of its likelihood of success. When using influencer marketing to improve your content strategy, you can combine it with the aforementioned strategies for more efficiency. But you have to measure your campaigns, however, to know its effectiveness.

Tiffany Harper

Tiffany Harper is a professional freelance writer, who sometimes works as a subject matter expert with the blogs and social media posts for an assignment help online at Essay Help. She is currently authoring a book on the role of AI and VR in writing and plans to release it in Feb next year. Please do not hesitate to contact her on twitter.

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