In Pics: Is Daniel Radcliffe the next Wolverine?

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Marvel fans are eagerly waiting for the next wolverine. The character Logan is one of the most loved characters in the Marvel series. We are hoping logan comes back in full swing with a new story. All thanks to Hugh Jackman made the character so iconic. However, there has been a fan story that Daniel Radcliffe would be the next wolverine. This might come as shocking because the wolverine has now become a synonym for Hugh Jackman and the actor at this point may lead to criticism from the audience. 

What Daniel Radcliffe could look like as Wolverine in the MCU

Daniel Radcliffe Wolverine

Although nothing has been announced from Marvel regarding the casting of the actors. But Boss Logic gave us a glimpse of how Daniel Radcliffe could look as Wolverine. 

In the amazing fan art, you can see the harry potter actor in the character’s signature ducktail combination, white tank top, dog tags, and adamantium claws. It is safe to say that Radcliffe looks spectacular in this image and can pull off the character in the movie. Plus, daniel has already quite a fanbase in the entire world due to his portrayal of ‘Harry Potter’ in the franchise with the same name. 

You can’t deny the fact that Daniel Radcliffe has everything to pull off the character of Wolverine. Before anyone comments on his actual build as compared to the wolverine built, you need to know that Daniel Radcliffe is much closer to the wolverine’s actual height in the comic i.e 5’3’. 

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Has Daniel Radcliffe been cast as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Daniel Radcliffe Wolverine Look

As we mentioned above nothing official has been announced from  Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, it is quite unlikely that they gonna recast the wolverine role. There have been various actor that has been in line to play the role including him but he never showed much interest in it.

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