India exceeds WHO standards with a doctor-to-population ratio of 1:900: Bhubaneswar Kalita

The second edition of the Awareness Summit on ‘Illness to Wellness’ began in New Delhi under the ASSOCHAM National CSR Council. Rajya Sabha MP Bhubaneswar Kalita highlighted India’s healthcare achievements, emphasizing the importance of investing in health and hygiene for societal prosperity.

Kalita acknowledged India’s progress in healthcare, stating, “Investing in health and hygiene is not just a moral imperative, it is an economic necessity.” He praised the nation’s efforts in reducing mortality rates and emphasized the need to empower communities for universal health coverage.

Anil Rajput, Chairperson of ASSOCHAM National CSR Council, discussed the ‘Illness to Wellness’ initiative’s focus on preventive healthcare awareness. The campaign aims to promote health and wellness for all through education, collaboration, and impact, including initiatives like inter-school drawing competitions to raise awareness on health-related topics.

Keynote speaker Ashok Seth, Chairman of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, emphasized the importance of wellness and the connection between science and spirituality for overall well-being. He highlighted the role of youth and women in shaping a healthier future and stressed the need for collective efforts towards wellness in the 21st century.

Anil Agarwal, Medical Director at Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education Research, emphasized the significance of public awareness in adopting healthy practices and early detection of illnesses. He stressed the importance of reaching out to vulnerable groups and imparting life-saving skills to students for effective healthcare management.


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