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India seeks greater say for developing countries at WTO meet




India seeks greater say for developing countries at WTO meet

India advocates for flexibility in existing WTO agreements for developing countries at 13th Ministerial Conference

Abu Dhabi, Feb 26 (IANS) India emphasized at the 13th Ministerial Conference of the WTO in Abu Dhabi that developing countries need flexibility in current agreements to address constraints in industrialization. Commerce Secretary Sunil Barthwal led the Indian delegation, highlighting the need for appropriate policy space to tackle longstanding issues.

India raised concerns about combining development issues with new topics like “Trade and Industrial Policy” and objected to integrating Gender and MSMEs discussions within WTO, stating they are already addressed in other international forums.


In discussions on sustainable development and policy space for industrialization, India stressed the importance of maintaining focus in the multilateral trading system and avoiding mixing non-trade issues with the WTO agenda. The country also promoted a sustainable lifestyle approach, including the LiFE movement for environmental conservation.

Furthermore, India expressed apprehension about the rise of trade protectionist measures under the guise of environmental protection, calling for a balanced approach. The nation urged for a sustainable way of living based on traditions and conservation values to combat climate change effectively.

Journalist: IANS


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