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India vaccination program: 1 in 4 Indians fully vaccinated

India’s vaccination program is set to cross the milestone by crossing 25% vaccination of its eligible population by today.So far India has administered 87.2 crores of doses of Covid-19 vaccine doses and will cover almost 25% of its population so soon.

India’s mass vaccination program crossed the milestone on Tuesday (24.8%) after fully vaccinating almost one out of every four eligible Indians by the end of the day. Also, 43.5% of the Indian’s have been partly vaccinated.

India’s Covid-19 active cases have also dropped below the 300,000 mark for the first time in at least six months recently.

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Himachal Pradesh has the highest number of the population who is fully vaccinated in the country. Almost half of the state’s population i.e. 48.3% is fully vaccinated. Kerala is on the second number with 92.1% adults received at least one dose and 40.3% received both doses. Uttarakhand (91.1% at least one dose and 38.2% both doses), Gujarat (85.3% and 38.1%, respectively) and Delhi (79.1% and 37.4%) make up the top five states in the country.

However, there are seven large states behind the national average. Uttar Pradesh fully vaccinated only13.6%, Bihar -14.5%, and Jharkhand vaccinated only 16.2% of its eligible population. There are also states which are lagging in vaccination of the first dose, Jharkhand comes at the bottom with 54.3%, followed by West Bengal (55.5%) and Uttar Pradesh (57.7%).

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In September alone India vaccination crossed 225 million doses by setting a record of vaccination as compared to August when the country administered only 183.5 million doses. The daily average of vaccination in India currently is 5.92 million doses in a month. According to serosurveys during June-July over 67% of the country’s population have already developed antibodies against the COVID19. According to the experts, this count might have been increased now as the number of vaccination has gone up after July.

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