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Indian-Americans Taking Over US: Joe Biden At NASA Meet

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There was a lot of discussion about ‘Trump and India’s friendship’, but it seems that the new President of America, Joe Biden will overtake Donald Trump. In fact, less than 50 days after becoming president, Biden has hired at least 55 Indian-Americans in nearly every wing of his government, from his speechwriter to the US space agency NASA. If you want to learn more about news related to politics and sports, do check

US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that Indian-Americans are taking their country forward. The reason behind saying this is that many people of Indian origin are getting a place in the Biden administration.

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President Joe Biden congratulated NASA’s team on Thursday (according to US time) for the success of the rover landing on Mars. He praised the team at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) / California Institute of Technology, which also included Indian-American aerospace engineer, Dr. Swati Mohan.

Biden told Dr. Mohan during this time that Indian-Americans had given a new flight to America.

Indians are taking the US forward. You (Mohan), my vice-president (Kamala Harris), my speechwriter (Vinay Reddy). I want to thank you, You guys are incredible. ‘

Dr. Swati Mohan led the activities related to attitude control and landing system for the rover.

Around 55 Indian-origin people in Biden’s team

Biden, who was sworn in as the 46th President of the US on January 20, has created history by appointing at least 55 Indian-Americans to key positions in his administration. It does not include Vice President Kamala Harris.

About half of the 55 Indian-Americans in the Biden administration are women and a large number of them are working in the White House. So far, the Obama-Biden administration (2009-2017) has the distinction of appointing the largest number of Indian-Americans in any US administration.

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At the same time, even before the Donald Trump administration has not been much behind in this matter, Indian-Americans were appointed in the cabinet rank and also within the National Security Council in the era of Trump.

Indian-Americans in important positions

  • More recently, US President Joe Biden has appointed Indian-American Maju Varghese as deputy assistant and director of the White House military office. Maju Varghese was the Chief Operating Officer of the Biden Campaign.
  • Indian-American scientist Bhavya Lal was appointed acting chief of staff (executive head) of the US space agency NASA.
  • Ujra Jeya is among the Indian-American women appointed by Biden. Jeya holds important positions in the Civil Defense, Democracy, and Human Rights, State Department. Jeya left the Foreign Service in 2018 to protest against the policies of former President Donald Trump.
  • Mala Adiga is the policy director of Dr. Jill Biden, wife of US President Joe Biden.
  • Aisha Shah: Partnership Manager, Digital Strategist at White House Office
  • Sameera Fazili: Deputy Director, US National Economic Council (NEC)
  • Sumona Guha: Senior Director of South Asia at the National Security Council, White House
  • Sabrina Singh: Deputy Press Secretary, Vice President White House.

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