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Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant, badly injured in a car accident, Rushed To Hospital in Ambulance

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Rishabh Pant, a member of the Indian cricket team, while traveling from Delhi to Roorkee in the Mercedes, was involved in a serious accident. On the border of Roorkee and Narsan, close to Hammadpur Jhal, his car collided and went up in flames. In the car by himself, Rishabh was traveling alone. The scene of cricketer Rishabh’s vehicle crash is a trouble location.

Rishabh Pant was taken to Max Hospital in Dehradun after sustaining injuries to his forehead, legs, and back. However, some young people who arrived at the scene of the accident chose not to assist Rishabh and instead made off cash from his bag.

Rishabh Pant’s Cause of Accident

The Narsan border is where this incident took place. There existed a mound of mud. When Rishabh’s car got caught in this mass, it crashed as a result of uncontrolled movement. Rishabh Pant’s car suddenly hit a massive mound of mud while he was driving from Delhi to Roorkee, according to eyewitness Kushal Veer.

Following this, the vehicle lost control and accelerated for 200 meters, shattering the guardrail’s supports. The car spun over numerous times throughout that and caught fire.

Due to his injuries, Rishabh Pant attempted to exit the vehicle by the door being opened himself but was unsuccessful. Also with him was a bag. Young people arrived at the scene of the accident at the same moment, but instead of helping Rishabh, they stole money from his bag and ran away. The ambulance arrived after he called the police.

Uttarakhand Government Will Bear Costs

Following consultation with the relevant authorities, the CM of Uttrakhand, Pushkar Singh Dhami has issued directives to ensure that the cricketer Rishabh Pant, who was hurt in a car accident, is treated properly.

The Chief Minister wished Rishabh Pant a quick recovery and assured him that the state government will cover all costs associated with his medical care. If necessary, an air ambulance must also be designated.

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