Indian gamers express gratitude to PM Modi for a memorable gift

India’s top gaming personalities, including Animesh Agarwal, Naman Mathur, Payal Dhare, and more, met PM Modi to discuss the rise of gaming industry. They thanked PM Modi for the opportunity and expressed excitement about revolutionizing the future of esports in India.

Animesh Agarwal shared, “It was truly an honour to discuss the rapid rise of esports in India with the Prime Minister and share our vision about revolutionizing the future.” Payal Dhare also expressed her excitement about PM Modi’s vision for game development in India around culture and environmental issues.

During the meeting, the gamers shared their individual journeys, struggles, and victories. Naman Mathur, expressing his surprise, said, “Who thought I would be playing with the PM and personally walking him through the nuances of one of the games around the theme of Indian mythology.”

PM Modi engaged in gaming sessions with the players, trying out games like Beat Saber, Razi, and Stumble Guys. The esports industry in India saw a significant increase in participation in tournaments, with an expected increase to 2.5 million by 2024, according to the latest FICCI-EY report. Game streamers also witnessed a notable growth in viewership, particularly in Tier-II cities.


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