Indian Wrestler From UP Beat The Shit Out Of Mysterio And His Son In The WWE Ring

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Indian wrestler Veer Mahan has created a storm in the WWE ring. This wrestler named Veer Mahan created such havoc in the ring with his debut on RAW; there was an uproar in the stadium.

An Indian wrestler has created history in the WWE ring. This wrestler named Veer Mahan began such mayhem in the ring with his debut on RAW, and fans love every part of it. Veer Mahan has indicated that he is coming to WWE to play a significant and successful inning. Being a part of RAW is considered a big deal for the wrestlers. A video of Veer Mahan has been loaded on the official website of WWE. In the video, Veer Mahan is seen wreaking devastation in the ring. Wrestler Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic Mysterio became the victims of his anger. Let us inform you that the actual name of 33-year-old Veer Mahan is Rinku Singh, and he hails from Gopal Ganj in Uttar Pradesh.

Veer Pulverizes Rey Mysterio And Dominic Mysterio In The Ring

We can see Veer challenging Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio in the ring. Eerie-sounding background music plays when the Indian Hulk enters the ring and stares at his opponent. His eyes are filled with rage and bloodshot. Veer Mahan comes into the ring, and he attacks the father and son. He makes constant bets and beats them up badly. Veer collects his coin. Anyway, there will be a repeat match between Veer Mahan and Rey Mysterio this week, and all eyes will be on this match.

Anyway, the look of Veer Mahan is enough to send shudders down the spine of any of his opponents. . He is in dangerous shape. There is a tilak on the forehead and his black dress and yellow shoes make him look like the ultimate destroyer. In this way, Veer Mahan has made a strong presence in the WWE ring; it remains to be seen how long he can take this innings.

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