India’s annual petrol consumption doubles in past decade, sees 117% growth

India’s petrol consumption has surged, showing a 117% growth over the past decade, as per data from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. This increase comes amidst concerns about environmental pollution and vehicular emissions impacting the environment significantly.

The rise in petrol consumption in India can be attributed to the significant growth in vehicle sales, particularly passenger vehicles, following the Covid-19 pandemic. This surge in vehicle sales has led to an increased demand for petrol in the country’s transport sector.

While petrol consumption has more than doubled in the last decade, diesel consumption has also seen a notable increase of 31% during the same period. This shift highlights the preference for petrol-propelled vehicles over diesel ones due to factors like rising disposable income and price parity between the two fuels.

In March 2024, India witnessed its second-highest levels of petrol and diesel consumption, reflecting the growing demand for personal and commercial mobility. The Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell reported a total fuel demand of 4.99 million barrels per day, with petrol sales growing by 6.9% and diesel sales by 3.1% year-on-year.

In FY24, India’s fuel demand hit a record high of 4.67 million barrels per day, with petrol sales increasing by 6.4% and diesel sales by 4.4% compared to the previous fiscal year. This data underscores the increasing reliance on petrol in the Indian market for vehicular usage.

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