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India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh asserts that India possesses the capability to strike enemy territory

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh asserted India’s strength in being able to strike at the enemy’s territory from its own soil. Speaking at an election rally in Kathua district, Jammu, Singh highlighted India’s military prowess under PM Modi’s leadership, referencing the 2016 surgical strikes. He criticized regional parties for misusing Article 370 for political gains.

Singh called out leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi for playing with snow in Kashmir, implying that such activities would not have been possible if Article 370 was still in place. He assured that Jammu and Kashmir will witness development and prosperity without the controversial article. Singh also praised PM Modi’s commitment to providing free treatment to senior citizens above 70 years, emphasizing BJP’s dedication to safeguarding women’s rights.

Seeking re-election from Kathua-Udhampur constituency, Dr. Jitendra Singh of the BJP faces opposition from Chaudhary Lal Singh of Congress and G.M. Saroori of the Democratic Progressive Azad Party. The constituency is set to vote on April 19, with Singh urging people to vote for their favored candidate. BJP’s focus on women’s safety and abolishing triple talaq are highlighted in Singh’s address to the public.


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