Industrialist Harsh Goenka outlines 8 priorities for CEOs in the emerging tech era

RPG Enterprises Chairman Harsh Goenka highlighted the key priorities of CEOs in the tech era. These priorities include integrating Gen AI, focusing on empathy and adaptability, navigating geopolitics, and prioritizing growth through innovation. CEOs are also advised to invest in personal well-being and continuous learning for effective leadership.

According to Goenka, CEOs need to integrate Gen AI, prioritize empathy and adaptability, and navigate geopolitical tensions and climate change. Growth through innovation, coaching, and driving organizational performance are essential for competitive advantage. Investing in personal well-being and continuous learning is crucial for effective leadership in the current tech era.

Users reacted positively to Goenka’s post, adding to the list of CEO priorities. Suggestions included managing family and personal life for balance, creating in-house faculty for M&A growth, and focusing on cyber security. By addressing these key priorities, CEOs can lead effectively in the ever-evolving tech era.


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