Influencer Aastha Shah Walks Down The Cannes 2024 Red Carpet Embracing Her Viltigo

Aastha Shah is a Mumbai-based content creator who recently walked across the Cannes 2024 red carpet, representing India. This was her first time at the global event, and her walk has caused a stir.

Aastha Shah Embraces Her Vitligo In Her Debut Cannes 2024 Walk

This was the first time so many India-based creators were invited to Cannes. One of those, Aastha has always been the center of attention on her social media journey because of her vitiligo disease and the way she faces her way with it.

She has always been proud of showing it off, and has never scared of showing her skin color to people.

Aastha when asked about journey said,

“For years, I struggled with feeling beautiful because of my vitiligo. Today, I walked the red carpet at Cannes, not despite my vitiligo but because of it. I want to show everyone that beauty comes in all shades and patterns.”

Aastha has been suffering from vitiligo since her childhood.

She has opened up about how she battled through her childhood when it was first diagnosed.

Aastha said how she was never really ashamed of who she was and how her skin and body looked.

In her Cannes 2024, she wore a dress which was designed by Fouad Sarkis.

It was a green gown with a flowy and beautiful pattern.

The silhouette gave her an ethereal look.

It made her skin tone pop and looked like a literal princess walking down that red carpet.

The 77th Cannes Film Festival in 2024 made loads of debut walks. Aastha made her fans swoon, and cheer for her as she walked down the red carpet. She looked stunning and regal in the perfect dress, which fit her perfectly and elevated her curves in the best way.

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