Online Trading Academy Named Innovative eLearning Solutions Provider by Insights Success Magazine

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Online Trading Academy (OTA), a leader in trading and investment education, was recently recognized in online magazine Insights Success as one of 2021’s Most Innovative eLearning Solution Providers. This is one of several awards that OTA has received for pushing the boundaries of virtual education. See why the magazine singled out OTA and what steps the company is taking to keep up with the industry’s high expectations.

Insights Success Magazine

Insights Success is a global business magazine focused on new companies and industry juggernauts alike. Its editors examine a variety of viewpoints and ideas from different leaders, highlight new products and services, and look for ways to deliver collaborative solutions to its readers. From VPs to VCs, the magazine considers people from every rung of the hierarchy to determine who really stands out.

Passion for Innovation

A passion for innovation is the cornerstone of Online Trading Academy, and it’s what led OTA to receive the superlative title of Most Innovative Learning Solution Provider. From its inception, the leaders looked for new ways to connect with investors of every variety and skill level. In fact, this is what led the company to even become a formal educational company.

The original idea of founder Eyal Shahar was a trading floor. It was only after bringing investors together that he saw that he could have an even more valuable service to offer. He found that when his team got together to talk about the lessons they had learned, there was a lot of growth to be found in those conversations. It was enough for Shahar to choose to offer it on a larger scale.

But if he was going to teach the traders and investors of the world online, he knew that the educational curriculum and staff had to be top notch.

In 1997, Online Trading Academy shifted focus from being a trading floor to being dedicated to financial education.  Their mission was to help empower people to enrich their lives with world class financial education.

Whether it has been through early adoption of e-learning and blended education or building a proprietary educational and analysis platform OTA has been a pioneer in financial education

The staff at OTA is constantly asking themselves how they can improve the experience for students. To them, the most important thing is whether their technology is useful for the student. Advanced software is certainly a plus, but it’s not practical if the learning curve is too high. OTA looks for tools that will bring value to students’ lives and enhance their learning curve which is why the company continues to be recognized for its innovation.

The Many Awards of Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy has won several awards recently. The company received a Global Forex Retail Award under the educator category. OTA has also received more than 5,000 votes of confidence for this award, a clear sign that it is connecting with students and the industry alike. The Global Forex award was given to OTA for the company’s affordable and accessible curriculum, a combination that helps students develop the skills they need to take the next financial step that’s right for them.

OTA was also listed as a finalist in the edTech trendsetter category for the 2021 EdTech Awards and received a bronze Stevie award for its effective online engagement strategy. Unsurprisingly, Shahar was recognized as one of the top innovators by Orange County Business Journal, and the company was named one of the best places to work by the Orange County Register. OTA was also listed as one of the top 50 franchises by Franchise Business Review and received an International Leadership Award from Dale Carnegie Training.

The Future of Online Trading Academy

OTA has become more active in the industry over the years. The company now has more than 40 locations worldwide serving more than 70,000 students.

Company leaders are thrilled to be recognized for their work and take it as a challenge to keep improving. The priority for OTA has always been the students. This means having the right instructors, tools, and programs to keep them both engaged and up to speed in a rapidly evolving industry. The company will continue to offer a wide variety of courses that can help students either get their feet wet in the financial world or solidify the strategy of their chosen specialty.

It’s all a part of the company’s continuing plan to open doors for people who want to enter the market. OTA has innovated its approach to build a thriving student community. Its leaders will continue to make improvements as new technology debuts and market needs change. Students can count on OTA to go the distance, and the industry can look to the company for guidance on where educational technology is headed.

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