International Cat Day 2022: Quotes, Instagram Captions, Images, Messages, and Wishes, to raise awareness for cats and learn about ways to help and protect them

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International Cat Day: It is only reasonable to designate a day to express gratitude to our animal friends because pets brighten our days. This is precisely what International Cat Day sets out to accomplish by honoring our feline companions and promoting holistic cat care. The International Fund for Animal Welfare established International Cat Day in 2002, which is observed on August 8 each year. The organization for animal rights utilizes the day to raise awareness of the requirements and desires of cats and to inspire cat owners to have closer relationships with their animals. Additionally, a special effort is made to promote the implementation of stray cats.

The company International Cat Care is the designated “custodian” of International Cat Day. The day theme, the previous year was “Be Cat Curious- Training for Cats and their Humans,” based on the organization’s online webpage.

The overall structure that the subject was selected in light of research showing that up to 95% of cat owners required assistance with cat training. Furthermore, at least the majority of the cat owners admitted that it was difficult to get the cat into the cage.

The organization’s Cat Advocacy Program Manager, Linda Ryan, was reported as stating, “When we engage with cats positively and generously, there’s so something we can accomplish collectively.” Linda Ryan was commenting about the significance of the link among cats as well as humans.

Cats were transported to the US as a component of the colonization ships’ cargo to reduce illness and pests, and as a consequential measure, those cats thrived once they arrived. All over the globe, 500 million cats globally exist, thus cats are considered to be among the pop idols in modern society. And ever since 2002, kitties have had their holiday due to the “International Fund for Animal Welfare”!

Quotes, Instagram Captions, Images, Messages, and Wishes, to raise awareness on International Cat Day 2022

International Cat Day 2022
International Cat Day 2022 Messages
International Cat Day 2022 Greetings
International Cat Day Messages

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