International Cat Day 2022: These Funny Cat Videos Will Make Your Day

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Yes hoomans, Today is the day we celebrate as International Cat Day. As might not know but we do have a day where we celebrate and teach people how to take care of cats along with preventing them from being abused. These little furry friends are one of the most loved pets after dogs. Let’s dive into how it was originated.

Why is International Cat Day celebrated?

International cat day is celebrated annually on August 8. It was established by International Fund for Animal Welfare. The main aim of this celebration is to highlight the methods of protecting cats from abuse. 

In 2020, the custodianship of International Cat Day was passed to International Cat Care. A British non-profit organization that has been protecting and improving the health and welfare of domestic cats since 1958.

Its significance

Funny Cat Videos

Those who are cat lovers hold a lot of importance to this day. As we all know not all cats are fortunate enough to get to live in a home or be protected from predators, stray cats hardly get their meal along with fear of being killed by dogs and in some cases abused by humans. 

This year’s theme is ‘Cat-friendly resources’ for International Cat Day 2022.

So to contribute to the celebration of International Cat day we bring you these funny cat videos which can make you adopt cats asap. 

These Funny Cat Videos Will Surely Make Your Day

Funny Cat Videos: Who knew cats can rock looks with glasses too

Funny Cat Videos: Fish, strawberries whatever it is they can chug it

Cats that will instantly lift your mood.

Funny Cat Videos: How can they be so funny?

How to Celebrate International Cat Day?

If really want to celebrate international cat day then the only thing you have to do is adopt a stray cat. So many kittens don’t get food on a daily basis and hence get weak or get killed. Also, the extreme conditions may harm the health of the mother cat along with her kittens.

If you want to protect them just adopt them and give them a safe secure environment where they can grow, and play without thinking about where their next meal gonna come. 

Also, cats do help in the improvement of mental health. No questions asked, those whiskers, furry faces, purrs, and head nudges can make one feel like being in love. They also make you feel loved plus being with your furry friend releases oxytocin in your brain. Also called as “Love hormone”

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