International Day for Tolerance 2021 Theme, History, Significance, Activities, and More

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Every year, 16 November is marked as International Day of Tolerance. The day aims to build tolerance among different cultures and people. The day was started by the UN to make a belief among people that tolerance is an important integral part of society.

International Day for Tolerance History and Significance

The first International Day of Tolerance was observed in 1996, a year after the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance by UNESCO on 16 November 1995. The anniversary of the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance by UNESCO is observed as International Day of Tolerance, every year.

The day was proclaimed by UNESCO in 1994, on the 125th Anniversary of the Great Indian Freedom Fighter, Mahatma Gandhi.

International Day for Tolerance 2021 Theme

The day has a basic theme, which signifies the agenda of International Day for Tolerance. The theme is “Tolerance is acceptance, respect and appreciation of world cultures and ways of being Human“.

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  • Try to get to know more about you neighbors, co-workers, through music, dances, and arts to showcase their cultural influences.
  • Organize fair where in the cultures and art of many places and religion are Involved thus accepting the tolerance in religion and culture.
  • Take a tour outside and introduce to students the ecological diversity.
  • Conduct activities and campaigns which will involve people irrespective of culture, religion, economical status and help in bringing peace between them.
  • Share Quotes promoting peace on your social media accounts.

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