International Museum Day 2022: Top Quotes, Posters, Images, Messages, Slogans, To Share

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International Museum Day is celebrated every year on 18 May. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make the people of the world aware of museums. Museums have the power to change the world around us. As incomparable places of discovery, they teach us about our past and open our minds to new ideas. And both these are necessary steps in building a better future. Programs are organized in many museums in India on this day, in which people are told about the museum in detail.

According to jagran.com, Realizing the importance of the museum, the United Nations passed a resolution on May 18, 1983, which called for celebrating International Museum Day every year. Apart from making people aware, its main purpose is to keep alive the ancient culture and history of different countries. It is organized by the International Council of Museums, which is committed to the preservation of the culture and civilization of all countries around the world. It was established in 1977. Established in 1814 by the Asiatic Society of Bengal (currently the Asiatic Society building at 1 Park Street), the Indian Museum is the first and largest multipurpose museum not only in the Indian subcontinent but in the Asia Pacific region of the world.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about museums among the people and to make them aware of their history by visiting museums. If there was no museum, history would have been forgotten today. Our civilization and culture would have been on the verge of extinction. These museums not only give us a chance to know our history but also get knowledge of civilization and culture.

Top Quotes, Posters, Images, Messages, Slogans for International Museum Day 2022

International Museum Day 2022: Top Quotes

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International Museum Day 2022: Top Slogans
International Museum Day 2022: Messages
International Museum Day

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