iPad vs Android Tablet: Which one is the best?

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Apple Ipad vs Android Tablet, Most people do not know the difference between iPad and Android tablets, due to which it’s quite difficult for them to choose between the two. Some people think that there is just a difference in brand between iPad and Android tablets, but there is a plethora of distinction in the functioning and features of Apple and Android tablets. In this article, we will discuss the key disparities between both of them. But before proceeding, let us know the exact definition of iPad and Android tablet.

What Is an iPad?

The iPad is nothing but a tablet which is manufactured by Apple. This device is used for web browsing, photo viewing, making e-notes, reading e-books, sending and receiving emails, etc. This device serves the functions of a phone and laptop. It runs on Apple’s iOs operating system. And its specifications and features are different from the tablets of other brands. This device has a touch screen interface and can be controlled by touch. It’s quite expensive than android tablets, but if your budget is too low, you can go for Apple’s refurbished iPad

What is An Android Tablet?

Many electronics brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, etc. are some of the popular brands that make the best android tablets. You can also call it a mini-computer because it works similarly to that. Generally, tablets do not come with a keyboard, but if you want to do typing, you can attach it externally. Also, they consist of a digital pen, which aids you to write notes or for drawing purposes. You can install an abundance of apps in it, which is not possible with the traditional android phones.  

Key Differences Between iPad And Android Phone

Although the iPad is a type of tablet and shares a lot of common specifications with Android tablets, there are notable differences between these two devices. The following are the significant differences between them. 

  • Operating System

As it has been already mentioned above, the iPad runs on the iOs operating system, while other tablets support Google’s Android. The iOs is better than the Android operating system in every sense. The application update procedure is different for iPads and Android tablets. However, iOs does not include every update for the stale models, but updates are still handled more efficiently than the android. So, if you are planning to buy Apple’s refurbished iPad, keep in mind that you will not be provided with all the latest iOS updates from Apple.

  • Flash

It’s the only feature where the iPad lacks. Android tablets support flash tools, which allows you to play flash-based games, watch flash-based videos, and view flash-based websites. You can easily connect your iPad with youtube to watch flash videos. On the other hand, the “flash” cannot be installed on an iPad, which means you cannot watch flash videos on the iPad by any means.   

Therefore, if you want to watch files with extension FLV and F4V, then you have to purchase an Android tablet in lieu of Apple’s iPad.

  • Number Of Apps

When it comes to storing a large number of applications, the iPad tops the line of tablets. The iPads come in four different memory options; 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB, whereas the maximum storage capacity of android iPads does not exceed 32 GB. However, a micro SD card slot is present in some android tablets, which can expand the storage capacity of the device. But, its main drawback is that it slows down the speed of a tablet. 

  • Design

Talking about the design, you will get limited color and design options on the iPad. They are available in four different models; iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro. You have to choose from these 4 models only. On the other hand, many companies have launched android tablets in different colors, sizes, and shapes, which implies that you will get a plethora of designs in android tablets.

  • Multitasking

The android tablets can perform multiple tasks at the same time, whereas it is not possible on an iPad. You can split the screen of the android tablet and can write and watch videos simultaneously. The iPad is designed to do a single task at a time; you cannot run another application in the background while using one. 

  • Cost

An iPad costs so much that it can burn your pocket, while the starting price of an android tablet is around $ 300, meaning that everyone can buy them.

In Final Words:

So, there you have it, a deep dive into the specifications of iPad and Android tablets. Now, you can easily choose between these two tablets. Apple Ipad vs Android Tablet,  If you want to run a large number of apps on the tablet, then you should buy an iPad, but if you want to enjoy flash videos, then it would be better to go with an android tablet. 

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