Is It Worth Playing EA FC 24 This Late in the Game?

We’re, obviously, coming up to the end of the soccer season in many parts of the world. This means that it will be a few months before EA FC 25 comes out. This does leave many people wondering whether it is worth playing EA FC 24 this late in the game. Well, yes. It is still worth it, and it may even be worth it enough for you to buy FIFA coins Xbox. Let’s explain.

Team of the Season Will Be Released Soon

Depending on when you read this, the team of the season for EAFC 24 should be released. This is when some of the absolute best cards for ultimate team get unleashed upon the world. If you’re not in the game now, you won’t ever get to tinker about with them. They won’t be cheap, but boy are they going to be huge amounts of fun!

Loads of Players

FC 24 isn’t dying off in the slightest. This is one of the games where people will be playing each iteration right until the very end. Obviously, there will likely be slightly fewer people than when the game launched, but that’s OK. It is still going to be ridiculously easy to find a match in the game, and you probably won’t be waiting more than a minute or so. Probably far less.

Still a Long Time Left

FC 25 is unlikely to release until September. We’re writing this as we’re about to head into May. This means that there is still a good whole 4 months of the game left to play (and it will continue long after that). This means that you may as well jump in. The game is considerably cheaper than at launch (if you can grab it on a sale), and that is awesome!

Build Up Your Skill for Next Season

FC 24 is one of those games where your skill won’t just disappear when the next version of the game comes out. The skills that you pick up now will translate into the next iteration of the game. This means that you’ll head in being a whole lot better, and this means that you have a better chance of ranking up quickly in the game and scoring some of the great cards that you want to play about with!

Players Are Now More Affordable 

You’ll also be pleased to know that the FIFA players in FC 24 Ultimate Team are much more affordable than they were at the start of the season. The player prices have leveled out somewhat, and the introduction of the team of the season cards has made their non-TOTS versions much cheaper (although, they’re not as good, of course). This means that building up your Ultimate Team will be far easier than ever before, which is awesome!

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