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Is Johnny Somali Arrested In Japan? Is The Controversial Kick Streamer In Jail? What Did He Do?

Johnny Somali is a famous internet personality. He was previously detained from Twitch and now he live streams on Kick. Somali has been in the headlines because of his racial and comments which were highly abusive. He was detained by the police on August 30th because he illegally sneaked into a hotel in Osaka.

Is Johnny Somali Arrested In Japan?

Johnny Somali, a streamer, is in huge trouble after harassing women in Japan and uttering hurtful and nasty things. He also ran into difficulties for breaking into a newly constructed hotel. He kept bringing up the nuclear accident in Fukushima when he was there. He was banned from Kick within 72 hours of the livestream ending.

Is Johnny Somali In Jail?

Is Johnny Somali Arrested In Japan? Is The Controversial Kick Streamer In Jail? What Did He Do?

Currently, he is under arrest in Japan because of the comments he made about the horrifying atomic blast that happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and because of barging illegally into a construction site. He is now considered a very controversial US-based online streamer.

In addition to Jeremiah Dwane Branch, 24, who claims to be a university student, Ramsey Khalid Ismael, 23, also known as “Johnny Somali” on YouTube, was detained with them, according to the police.

What Did Johnny Somali Do?

A few days prior to his arrest, Twitch star Meowko demanded that other platforms permanently ban Somali for harassing her. Locals in Japan have been increasingly critical of Johnny Somali because of his disruptive behavior on the streets.

For instance, he was seen on camera disrespectfully asking a woman on the street where prostitutes had been making the rounds. Additionally, there is a video showing him joking on a train with a local Japanese man about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He continued until he was confronted by a Korean-American traveler on the same train.

Who is Johnny Somali?

On the Kick streaming platform, Johnny Somali is well known and has a reputation for making upsetting content. He has previously been into issues and has even been blocked from other websites. His real name is Ismael Ramsey Khalid, and he has become well-known for both his debates and his content.

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Wiki Biodata

NameRamsey Khalid Ismael
Streaming PlatformKick
ProffessionLive Streamer
Reason for ArrestRacist comments, Illegally entering a construction site, Harassing a Japanese woman

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