Is the Viral Majestic Giant Irish Greyhound Picture from 1902 Real or Fake?

Majestic Giant Irish Greyhound – Nowadays anything on the internet can go viral making it hard to believe what is real or what is fake. It also makes finding the truth a bit too hard. Anyone with followers can spread any false information without cross-checking its authenticity. 

This is what happened when a photo of a Majestic Giant Irish Greyhound started to go viral like wildfire on various social media platforms. Many on TikTok and Facebook are raising eyebrows on whether it is real or fake. 

The Picture Of A Majestic Giant Irish Greyhound Goes Viral On Social Media Platforms

Recently, a photo went viral showing a massive Irish greyhound. The photo looks mesmerizing and is spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms. In the picture, you can clearly see a dog so big that can make a human look small.

As per reports, the picture was taken somewhere around 1902, and judging by the looks of it, the pictures do look real. Recently, the pictures started to circulate on many social media platforms generating millions of clicks and likes. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Giant Irish Dog- Real or Fake?

You will find many news reports online claiming it is real but let us put all the confusion to rest by stating the picture is fake. The first look makes you think that the picture is real but as it turns out, it is made using AI.

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Artificial Intelligence technology is used to make such photographs. You will be stunned to know how advanced today’s technology is. You can make anything look real and accurate just by using such technology. Apart from that, there are many AI technology photos and videos that are being circulated online to get more attention. 

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